Unstuck: Doing Something New

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Stuck : immovable, stuck fast, jammed

What does stuck mean for you? Stuck in a routine? Stuck in writer’s block? Stuck in your décor? How do you become UNSTUCK?

Interior design creates a space to live in. Interior décor is more changeable and often small changes in interior décor can make you feel unstuck. Change the furniture around; buy a … [Keep Reading]

Placemats: Your Design Shines

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Placemats Evolve

Placemats in our art studio were an off shoot of the canvas rugs.  We wanted to create something beautiful using the pieces of canvas and many colors of paint left over from custom canvas rug orders.

Our first placemats were painted on one side and varnished with two coats on both sides. This soon graduated to the concept of … [Keep Reading]

Home Decor Fabrics for the Tropics

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Home Decor Fabrics for the Tropics
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Home décor fabric is the life and lifeline of any interior décor project.

Fabric is home.

Every room, every space uses fabric to make life comfortable.

Curtain fabrics dress our windows and keep the light out or let the light in. Upholstery fabrics allow us to be cozy, safe and enveloped in beauty,

From soft … [Keep Reading]