Canvas Rugs Designs Gallery

Canvas Rugs Designs Gallery
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Laurel’s Designs ( Price / “A” )

$15 per Sq. Ft. Example: 4′ x 6′ = $360 + Shipping

Laurel’s Designs ( Price / “B” )

$17 per Sq. Ft. Example: 4′ x 6′ = $408 + Shipping

Laurel’s Designs ( Price / “C” ) Custom Sample Designs

$20 + per Sq. Ft. Example: Octagonal Mexican Tile – 6′ Diameter = $720

Canvas Rugs Designs Gallery

A sampling of Laurel’s Originals canvas rugs designs are shown above in our design gallery. Not all designs displayed on other pages of this website will be found in this gallery. If you have a question about any design seen on other pages feel free to contact Laurel.

Do keep in mind that all of Laurel’s Originals’ painted canvas rugs designs can be customized with colors of your choice to match your décor. There is no additional fee charged for this type of color change request!

We want our designs to fit into your décor!

Customizing Canvas Rugs Designs

When customizing a canvas rug to your specifications you can choose the colors and where you want the changes.  For example on the Mexican Tile Rug you can change the color of the background and the color of the grout lines in between the tiles. We use Sherwin-Williams paints, available in Costa Rica and around the world and recommend using their paint color index or wheel to determine the exact color choice for your canvas rug design. They do a tremendous job for matching and coordinating paint colors. In Costa Rica you may select from any of the paint companies available here.

Canvas Rugs Designs and Cost Reference

Please utilize this page as a reference for canvas rugs designs when either ordering canvas rugs online or to receive a quote from Laurel’s Originals. Use the form on the prices and quotes page to make your request. To help determine cost of a canvas rug, a price category is assigned to each design.The galleries above indicate corresponding price category: A, B, or C (custom). Next, determining the size of the rug. Should you have any questions about this process, or need to view other canvas rugs designs, please contact Laurel and she will be happy to walk you through the process or meet with you personally.

Keep updated with new designs, special offers and more!