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Custom Rugs

Custom Rugs
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custom rugs

Custom Rugs

Custom Rugs for Home, Hotel or Business

A traditional pile rug can be customized. Hotels, businesses and public places utilize area rugs of synthetic material due to its ability to withstand excessive foot traffic. There are beautiful carved rugs, made with custom designs and logos (example:The Ritz Carlton hotels), however, these are quite expensive, not to mention the additional cost to keep them looking presentable.

What, then, is the alternative for custom rugs?

Introducing hand painted custom canvas rugs. Made from 100% cotton canvas. In addition to the durability and ease of cleaning (simply damp wipe), our hand-painted custom canvas floor cloths can be created in pretty much any size or shape:

  • rectangle rugs
  • square rugs
  • round rugs
  • octagonal rugs

Custom Rugs: Perfect Design Application

A custom design is limited only to the imagination. Designs can be drawn from many different sources. Colors or color combinations can be matched or created for additional creative customization.

Custom Rug Ethnic Design

Custom Rugs: Creative Interior Medium

Canvas rugs, also known traditionally as floor cloths, are ideal for both decorative flooring and functionality in the kitchen, on a covered porch or deck, the dining room, guest or bedrooms and hotel lobbies, business entrances and restaurants. Traditionally, the designs applied to these rugs were, old world, if you will. Laurel’s Originals has expanded her artistic application to include modern, contemporary and thematic designs.

Custom rugs with design and/or logos offer special presentation of a company’s name or theme. Some of our clients elected to have us create canvas floor cloths to match their existing décor. Others wanted a logo duplicated onto canvas as either a wall hanging (signage) or as an area rug for entrance and/or lobby.

Whatever your needs, we can create beautiful custom rugs of canvas with our 100% guarantee to please!  And our painted floor cloths, custom rugs are durable to withstand lots of foot traffic. Cleaning and maintenance is simply a wet-mop wipe process.

Our Design Gallery page represents images of custom rugs which may help in generating ideas for affordable custom rug design for your home, hotel or business. For interior design professionals, view additional design ideas and information on our canvas rugs costa rica website.

Learn more information on the Design Process page. Or contact us! We can reproduce or design your business name or logo onto a canvas rug or create a unique design specific to a project, or room. Canvas custom rugs are ideal for home, business, condo or beach house décor.

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