Design Process

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design process

Design Process

Creative Design Process for Custom Canvas Rugs

The following is an overview of the design process for creating a custom canvas rug. For additional information please refer to our Rugs Online and FAQ pages.

Having a custom canvas rug made gives you the unique opportunity to actually create a rug that will be the perfect fit with your interior décor. If you are drawn to a specific design from any aspect such as another rug, wallpaper, stationary or anything really, we can replicate a likeness of the design offered.

Patterns and Designs

Design Process

Custom Rug Damask Design

One of the first steps in the design process is selecting a pattern size for a custom rug. It is important to consider the size of the pattern itself. For instance, with our Damask pattern the size of the stencil and the number of times the pattern is replicated on the rug will have a very different effect according to its size. It is difficult to discern the size of the pattern on a rug if you are viewing it too close. You need to visualize what the design will look like from a (standing) distance vs close-up. This is something we can discuss and clarify, according to the size of the rug and the look you want to create.

Color Selection

When selecting colors visit your local paint store and bring home a wide selection of paint color swatches in the tones you are considering. For international orders we suggest using Sherwin Williams as their exact colors/paints are available here in Costa Rica. As a starting place for color choice in the design process, try going a few shades lighter or darker than the wall color; or pick up a color from a detail on the furniture and use it as the background color. If you prefer a contrast to the floors, a darker color for lighter floors or a lighter color will brighten up a dark wood floor.


We use a water based polyurethane varnish for the finishing coat on all of our canvas rugs. This is must for both flooring material and canvas rug floor cloths. It offers the most resistance to traffic, protection against stains and allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.

We use 6 coats of the polyurethane coating and let it stand for 3-6 days for curing allowing for the finish to dry completely before shipping.

The finish is matte unless a shinier finish is requested.

Rug Placement in Relation to Design Process

Design Process: Canvas Custom Rug Detail

Consider the visibility of the design itself in the area where the rug will be placed. When ordering a rug for a dining area much of the rug will be under the table. Unless you have a glass table and want something spectacular to look at while dining, I suggest keeping the detailed part of the design to a border around the edge of the rug. The center can be a simple stamped pattern or a solid color.

If the rug is to be situated in the center of a room with furniture placed around it, then a simple border with the most detail of the design should be in the central part of the canvas rug. A rug pulls all of the design elements of your interior décor together. Selecting the colors and placing the design can create a centerpiece or compliment any other focal point in the room.

Got a question about the custom canvas rugs design process? Leave it below and we shall do our best to respond. Your reply could be added to our FAQ page for others to review. Thank you!

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  1. Shela Chessor
    Shela Chessor September 15, 2013 at 8:23 pm | | Reply

    What is the weight of the raw canvas that you use? Thanks. SHELA

    1. Laurel
      Laurel October 22, 2013 at 10:23 pm | | Reply

      Hello Shela, I don’t have an exact weight because the canvas made in Costa Rica. The closest I could say is #8.Lisa Mair at Canvas Works uses many weights depending on the size and she will even send you samples if you write to her.

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