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Canvas Rug in Dining Area

Canvas Rugs for Interior Design

When it comes to the creative work of interior design there are as many themes, ideas and considerations as there are birds in Costa Rica. The creative work we have accomplished and the images displayed throughout this website represent canvas rugs made for interior design projects for private homes, businesses, hotels and interior designer’s projects. Over the past several years, our repertoire of work has expanded greatly.

Our desire, focus and enthusiasm is to work more with interior design professionals. We have worked with designers both here in Costa Rica and outside of the country. We have developed creative options that benefit the interior designer in working with their customers, making it a fun and exciting process for all involved.

Please contact Laurel so that she may introduce utilizing canvas rugs with interior design work. She will provide samples to give a first-hand touch-and-feel opportunity and review many of the design options available for custom work.

We encourage all design professionals, architects and higher-end retailers serving the interior design industry to peruse the website thoroughly. Call to arrange an appointment.  And do sign-up for our monthly newsletter.

Also, on our Design Process page within this site, an outline is provided with some of the aspects to consider when creating the perfect custom rugs for interior designers.

Laurel loves working with interior design professionals in need of special attention creating custom designs specific to their clients’ desires.

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