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Custom Placemats

Custom Placemats

Placemats Evolve

Placemats in our art studio were an off shoot of the canvas rugs.  We wanted to create something beautiful using the pieces of canvas and many colors of paint left over from custom canvas rug orders.

Our first placemats were painted on one side and varnished with two coats on both sides. This soon graduated to the concept of a coordinating design on both sides. This gave more variety and the ability to mix and match the two sides of the placemats.

Swirl De Last year we were asked to replicate a design  sent by photo for a set of 6 placemats.

Our client was so thrilled with her first set we  soon started a design for two sets of very  different and colorful placemats. As with canvas  rugs the colors are of the utmost importance. Colors from a photo on a computer can vary from screen to screen. Kaye asked me to suggest colors according to the photos and I scanned what I had available in the art studio.

We already had most of the colors and she was able to confirm the colors on her side by visiting a Sherwin Williams store to see them in real life. What we did not have we mixed ourselves.

Advantages of Custom Placemats

Creating custom placemats for your home has many advantages. One of the greatest advantages is being able to order a custom size and shape. Oval placemats work well with small round tables.

Larger rectangle placemats work well on rectangular and square tables. It helps to use your plates to ascertain the size so that there is ample room for silverware on the sides.

Kaye sent photos of a l;arge clown painting with bright colors in her dining area to show me the atmosphere of the room.

She asked, “Do you think the colors we’re choosing would look ok if I also used the mats in my kitchen where this picture is hanging?”

“Yes, it would it, has all the same colors. And the design has the same playfulness, like a circus.”

One design was splashed with bright red and white on black. We used this technique for years on our painted clothing line so it was fun to revisit throwing paint on the canvas. (I’ll have to do that more often!)

Splash Design

We love the collaboration of choosing colors and designs, the access into a person’s home and personality to create something new and fresh for their home.

With a few questions we can profile your design personality and come up with something unique and beautiful.

Email or call Laurel with questions concerning custom placemats for your home or your restaurant! They are a great product, time saving, easily washable and stain free, saving you time and money.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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