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Prices and Quotes Canvas Rugs

Prices and Quotes Canvas Rugs
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Canvas Rugs Online

Rugs Online: A simple 3 step process to ordering

Step 1: Determine Canvas Rug Size & Shape

  • Any shape- Square, Rectangle, Oval, Octagon, “L” Shape,Round and anything else you come up with.
  • Size of Rug.

 For USA orders use Sherwin Williams for exact color selections.

Step 2: Select Design

Browse our canvas rugs designs gallery page and jot down name of selected design listed beneath photos. Make a note of the Price Category. Each design has an assigned category (A, B, C) related to the prices per square foot. Example: Stripes/B

  • Standard Designs “A” = $15.00 per sq. ft.
  • *Painted Designs “B” =  $17.00 per sq. ft.
  • Custom Designs ” C” =  $20.00 per sq.ft

*There is no additional charge for changing colors of any design.

Step 3: Shipping or Delivery & Payment

Shipping within Costa Rica or internationally requires research based on delivery location and size of rug. We will give you the shipping estimate with the price quote using the information given on the size of the rug and the shipping location.

Payment Invoice: All rugs online orders will be finalized with an invoice agreement sent via email .. Upon clients’ receipt of this invoice, a 50% deposit of the rug(s), per order, is required prior to starting the work. If an order is cancelled after the initial deposit a refund will be offered less any costs incurred of materials and time at the point of cancellation.

Payment options to order a rug online:

  • In Costa Rica – direct deposit, PayPal, cash, credit card
  • Internationally – Paypal

To order rugs online complete our order form below. We are not asking for payment on this form, only the method for which you prefer to pay. An invoice will then be sent to the email address you provide. Instructions will include a link requesting payment via our secure payment processing page via Paypal.

If you have questions, please contact Laurel directly:

Ordering Canvas Rugs Online from Laurel’s Originals

You may choose from one of our House Designs, send a photograph by email of a design, or contact Laurel to collaborate on a custom design.

All of Laurel’s Originals’ canvas rugs are made to order. Once your deposit of 50% for a rug order has been received, it will take a minimum* of two weeks to sew, paint and cure your rug before it is ready for delivery.

Upon completion you will receive a photo of the finished product and a Request for payment from PayPal for the remaining 50% and the FULL COST OF SHIPPING.

We ship by Costa Rica courier with a tracking number and will send the tracking number to you as well as track it ourselves until it is delivered to your door.


*The time frame from start to finish for an order may vary based on several criteria; at the time of supplying you with a quote, we will include estimate turn around time, based on current workload, scheduling, intricacy of design development, rug size, weather (for curing).

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