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8×10 Area Rugs


Flamingo Pink & Orange: 8 x10 Area Rugs Portfolio

Designing Large 8 x 10 Area Rugs

In preparation of making and painting 8×10 area rugs for a client’s beach home I was asked if it was possible to replicate a pattern given in a photograph. It was a simple damask pattern and using an enlarged photo I could make a stencil but my question was, “How big do you want the pattern?” The size of a pattern gives a different proportion to the rug as a whole and therefore a very different feel to a room in accordance to the rest of the décor.

Details, Details

On one of the 8×10 area rugs this damask stencil could vary from a 12” stencil that would go four across or a 6” stencil that would go 8 across. This may seem like a picky detail but it matters! Do you want big and bold or a dainty and busy design? Will the pattern be concealed by furniture, i.e., will a solid wood or a transparent glass table be set on the rug’s center?

This client has a large beach rental with brightly colored pillows on the couches for which the rug was to be placed. Because of these couch detail designs the client opted for a 8×10 area rug in a bright orange and pink color to coordinate with that aspect of the room. And to maintain the fun and tropical interior décor we decided on a large stencil. The final result produced a large area rug that enhances the bright bold colors – tying in with the pillows instead of competing with them.

Considerations Beyond Rug Alone

Another client, Design Company Tamarindo Interiors, presented a pattern for an 8 x10 area rug to be used on a covered patio in a condominium in the exclusive Costa Rica Four Seasons Resort. After making several amplifications of the pattern I took these, along with my paint swatch kit, for the final decision on the pattern size and color selection. For this project I made a stamp, which I love to use in painting a canvas rug; the pattern emerges with an unevenness giving it texture and depth. Upon completion, the clean line of the patio furnishings coupled with rich chocolate brown cushions went well with the detailed pattern and aqua and brown of the rug.

Aqua & Brown Large Area Rug

Movement and life, texture and depth, small patterns, large, all of these are considerations and interesting components when designing large 8×10 area rugs. Clients often have a specific design in mind; however, the size of the pattern in a rug does indeed change the character of a room. Hence, my questions: Where does the furniture go? What other details are prevalent in the room? Which colors are you using: bold and bright, soft and earthy?

Working out these details with both owners or interior professionals in creating new rug designs (see palm fronds large area rug post for more design ideas) is a most enjoyable process. As the artist and canvas rug creator, I cannot appreciate fully the art of the finished products until I see it in its home when all of these components come together. Need custom 8×10 area rugs? Let’s do this! Contact me.

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