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About Laurel’s Art

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About Canvas Rugs and the Artist

Laurel Anderson

Laurel Anderson


I’m Laurel Anderson. My goal is to make your home beautiful with hand painted canvas rugs and hand painted custom decor.  My passion includes brainstorming and working with you to create exactly what you want

Custom decor options create your unique environment reflecting your personality and interior decor.

Alternately,you may prefer to opt for one of my designs in whatever colors you choose.

Benefits of Canvas Rugs: Imagine being free of stress when someone spills wine or syrup (or whatever) on your rug! Imagine being able to have a rug that is free of allergens, for those of you who suffer from allergies. And don’t even get me started on dog lovers, and more importantly puppy lovers, who risk having rugs ruined by “accidents.”

Canvas rug are about adding beauty for home, business or hotel. My rugs are original works of art – rugs made exclusively for your floors, your décor. Floor art that is functional. Continue to read more about my bio below and how I came to be a canvas rug maker. 

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I have countless Laurel’s Originals canvas rugs in my home and in my hotel and can’t wait to work with Laurel on new ideas to continue my collection. In our hotel, the [canvas] rugs see constant traffic and always look great; in my home, with multiple dogs and lots of company abusing those beautiful rugs, they continue to bring warmth and color to our lives. Teri Jampol, Finca Rosa Blanca Hotel, Santa Barbara de Heredia, Costa Rica

About the Artist and Her Passion for Creativity

Laurel Anderson, artist, designer of canvas rugs and creative talent of Laurel’s Originals is all about creativity.

She arrived on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica 35 years ago and began to apply her passion for art and creativity with a small business making hand-painted cotton beach dresses and t-shirts; her designs reflected the surrounding colors of flora and fauna. A small workshop was built on the family farm in Cahuita and the business expanded to training and employing eight local women, sewing and painting clothing items, for the burgeoning tourists to the area.

Laurel’s Originals of Costa Rica, a design and small studio and manufacturing company, offers original and custom hand painted floor cloths, canvas rugs, and canvas place mats.

Laurel also paints wall murals and furniture.

canvas floor cloth

Laurel’s Studio

Laurel is the entrepreneur at the helm and passionate artist of all the original designs produced. From her farm in the mountains of Costa Rica with her small group of local women whom she has trained and worked with for years, a variety of designs, colors, and products is produced from her studio.

In addition to her domestic customers, Laurel also works with Interior Decorators and interior design professionals in Costa Rica and the U.S.

Laurel invites you to browse her design work. If you’re looking to shop canvas rugs, you can do so by appointment or telephone and e-mail. When time permits, Laurel participates in local art and trade shows, selling a variety of her products.

Laurel’s painted floor cloths can be designed for casual, elegant, tropical, modern interiors and exterior living spaces. See the canvas rugs designs page for ideas. In addition, the care of canvas painted rugs is minimal; they are incredibly durable and add art to your floors.

Home owners and interior design professionals, as well as businesses, will discover exciting options in creating custom canvas rugs in logos and designs with Laurel’s Originals. In addition, Laurel offers not only canvas hand-painted floor cloths but also pillow and cushion covers, curtains, wall decor, place mats, table runners, accent rugs, kitchen rugs, large area rugs and much more. In fact, there’s no limit to the creativity applied to canvas floor cloths. The designs of Laurel’s Originals are unique and original, applied to all of the quality items created in her studio.

Laurel loves helping her clients expand creatively with custom design work for a more personal statement to any environment. Contact her for an appointment or to discuss your interior décor needs.

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