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Area Rugs for Every Room

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Custom Design Area Rug

Custom Area Rugs

Area rugs are an important aspect to interior design. Often an area rug can be the starting point for a rooms design. Or an area rug compliments or completes the look of a room.

The advantage to a custom area rug is that it can be made to the size of an area be it a landing space at the bottom of the stairs, or the entrance to a home, or in any room.

Area rugs separate spaces as well. In many new architectural designs large rooms encompass a living area, dining area and flow into a kitchen area as well. Furniture seems to float un-anchored in these spaces without area rugs to embody their separate uses.

We visited a newly remodeled home in the jungles of Costa Rica  near  the small town of Ojochal, on the southern Pacific coast.  Turning off    from the highway that runs along the coast up into the  winding roads leading through the jungles and coming to a hilltop with  a spectacular 180⁰ view of the ocean we came to our destination.

“I’d like a canvas rug in every room.” said our newest client.  Music to our ears!  Having seen our hand painted canvas rugs in nearby homes  Ellen wanted to design rugs for every area of her own home.

Making an Entrance

Ellen chose  the Aboriginal design she found on our Canvas Rug Gallery.for her entrance wayarea rug The main entrance to the home features inset hard wood shelves with ethnic art pieces gathered from travels around the globe. The Aboriginal Design as a runner rug to enhances this special area, letting you know that the owners of this home are as interesting as their decor!

I often bring samples of rugs to show other design elements and use them to throw on the floor and play with sizing and design ideas. One such rug had an interesting border that caught Ellen’s eye. We used this design with a custom color to pick up the hues of the ocean seen from the wall of glass doors leading out to the patio and pool.

Basket Weave Design  A favorite design for clients and designers alike is the simple basket     weave design that looks like a natural woven mat, worn from use, as   depicted from the technique of stamping. Because this was to have a   heavy Bali Style coffee table in front of the sofa we wanted a simple     design in the center of the area rug.


Custom colors, custom design that allows for full expression of a rooms environment permits a unique experience in interior design. Please contact me if you want some feedback on your ideas(or mine!) about custom area rugs for your home or business.

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    • Thank you Tina,
      I was fascinated by the Aboriginal art and created the first rug as a small mat. It was fun to create a runner that worked so beautifully with the art in the entrance way of this home.


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