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Interior Design: Art and Science

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Art & Science for Interior Design

Functional Interior Design

Interior Design combines both the art and science of understanding people’s behavior and needs while creating a functional space in a home, hotel or business.

Creative and technical solutions provided by interior designers are functional, attractive and beneficial to their client’s quality of life.

Often the occupant’s have certain needs that require special materials to enhance the decor of space under design. Hand-painted canvas rugs provide an option for many of the technical solutions required for certain circumstances.

For example, occupants using a walker find it difficult to traverse a traditional fiber rug due to its height and texture. They might choose to not have an area rug because of this limitation.

But an area rug is an integral part of interior design. It brings the decorating elements together, making the colors and design of an area more cohesive.  It makes an area more intimate.

A canvas rug has a very low threshold, no more than 1/8 of an inch. You can fasten it to the floor using soft putty to prevent the rug from slipping. Aside from the creative possibilities open to the interior designer to create a custom rug, the canvas area rug has the technical solution enabling the occupants to enjoy this aspect of interior design.

Art and Science: Canvas Rug Option Combats Allergies

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Mexican Tile Design Canvas Rug

According to the American Humane Society, 15% of the population has allergies to dog and cat dander. One of their recommendations is to avoid pet dander and fur from accumulating materials such as carpeting and fiber rugs. Many people believe they cannot use rugs in their homes due to various types of allergies.

Canvas rugs are smooth and have no fiber. They’re made from heavyweight canvas that’s painted and sealed with highly resistant finishes/  This makes the cleaning canvas area rug very easy, all you do wipe them down with mild soap if it’s dirty or a damp mop to remove dust.   

Interior designers with clients who suffer from allergies have this solution to offer them in their interior décor.

Location and Elements for Interior Design

Designers acknowledge the physical location of the project. The exterior environment has a large impact on the requirements of interior décor. Homes built in a country setting will have more dirt coming into the house, Weather patterns in areas with heavy rainfall need solutions that make this easier to deal with.

Canvas rugs are sealed and are simple to wipe down. So easier to deal with mud or dirt carried into the home by children and pets who may not be as diligent about wiping their feet before entering the home!

Interior designers handle the complete scope of art and science with interior design projects. These encompass factors such as the lifestyle and needs for the client, their age and limitations. Also the environment of both of the exterior and interior of the project.

Canvas rugs provide a technical solution and a beautiful decorating element to assist the interior designer in their work.

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