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Canvas Rugs, Floor Cloths, Q & A

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Installing a Canvas Rug

The Most Asked Questions

During my 10 years of painting canvas rugs, several questions have popped up time and time again. Here are some of the most asked questions about how to use canvas rugs in your interior decor.

How do you keep a canvas rug from slipping?

We use Putty Tack, made by several different companies. This is the soft putty normally used to fasten paper onto a wall. Putty tack works wonderfully for fastening a canvas rug to the floor.

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Placing the canvas rug under furniture also helps anchor it down. We often measure a living room rug starting from just under the front feet of the couch.

Can you give the canvas rug some cushion?

Our canvas rugs do not have a backing on them. You can purchase a non-slip material to put under the canvas rug. This thin webbing placed on the INSIDE of the hem helps to prevent the canvas rug from slipping and it adds some cushion.

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Non Slip Backing Adds Cushion

The hem of the rug is twice as thick as the rug area. Putting this non slip foam inside the hem makes the rug evener. If you cover the entire area then the hem will be much thicker.

The non-slip cushion can be used together with the putty on the hem for extra safety.

Some canvas rug makers include a non-slip backing sewn into their rugs. We found the canvas rugs last much longer than the non-slip backing and prefer to use it separately.  That way you’re able to replace the backing as needed.

Why Canvas Rugs?

Canvas rugs, or Canvas floor cloths can be used in a myriad of places where you may not want a fiber rug. Under a dining room table, in front of the kitchen sink, or an outdoor patio, are just a few suggestions.

However, they work beautifully in any part of the house. For beach and rural areas they’re ideal because they’re sooooo easy to clean. For pet owners, they are sturdy and don’t retain fur (or urine stains).

For people with allergies, canvas rugs can be the ONLY solution.

I love talking about the advantages of canvas rugs and how to design exclusive floor art for your home. Look to us for more blogs on the most asked questions and if you have one of your own, write it here and share it with us!

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