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Canvas Rugs To the Rescue!

canvas rugs
Easy to Care For

Just When You Give Up

“I’ve given up on having rugs at all.” is a common phrase I hear when I tell people I make canvas area rugs for interior decor. There are many reasons why finding the right rug can seem impossible and many reasons why canvas rugs can SOLVE those problems.

canvas rugs
Sealed Surface for Easy Cleaning.

Let’s remember canvas rugs are not fiber rugs! They have a smooth sealed surface that repels water and anything that might stain, such as mud or food. Here are some challenges to having fiber rugs.

I have dogs.

Well, dogs can get rugs pretty dirty. They slobber, have four feet, and shed fur. Cleaning rugs and vacuuming can be a chore and with dogs, it has to done even more frequently.

Canvas rugs are sealed and therefore can be passed over with a damp mop. They can be swept and mopped along with the rest of the floor.  Canvas rugs won’t stain, mud and dirt come right off!

I have puppies.

Even worse than grown dogs are those little babies still learning where to go pee. Dog urine

canvas rugs
Canvas Rugs and Puppies

is very difficult to remove from a fiber rug. And where a puppy has an accident they tend to go back to the same place to do it again!.

Canvas rugs can be wiped down with a disinfectant that will remove any odors, preventing puppies to go back to the same spot and it’s easier on your nose!

I have allergies.

Canvas rugs have no fibers to collect dust. They are easily cleaned to remove any dirt and dust. Canvas rugs are the safest alternative to any other type of rug for those with allergy problems.

These are just a few of the practical problems that are easily solved with custom canvas rugs.

Interior Design Challenges?

There are other interior design challenges that are easily solved with canvas area rugs and we’ll cover those in the next blog.

If you would like to have a rug in any area of your home, the living room, in your bedroom, the dining room, canvas rugs are unique in their properties.

Easy to clean, hypo allergenic, canvas rugs are made to fit into your life.

If you have any questions, write or call, I’d be happy to answer.

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