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Abstract rugs, new design, old technique

    Abstract rugs Abstract rugs are so generic it’s impossible to imagine what they could be. When I get a photo of an abstract design sometimes the hardest part is figuring out how to create the same effect. Especially when I am replicating a design from a traditional fiber rug. Page sent me photos … Read more

Bath runner, one of a kind

Bath runner with an exclusive design Gail wanted a bath runner for the narrow space in her bathroom. The first step was to look at the colors of the room, the floor, and the “flavor” of the ambiance. It’s an unusual room, the toilet at one end and the shower at the other with a … Read more

Black and White Rug Remake

  Black and White Rug remake in canvas Black and white rug with touches of some bright red make a stunning kitchen and bathroom rug. Nanette LOVED her cotton throws for her home in the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. But cotton does not fare well in the jungle and after several washings, over the … Read more

Jute rugs made hassle free

  Jute rugs, love or leave them? Do you like the natural fiber look of a jute rug but are afraid of ….. Mud Mold Sand Stains Allergies The time and washing it takes to keep a jute rug clean? Canvas rugs are an alternative that adds beauty to your home without the hassle. Several … Read more

Company Logos as Rug Design

Company Logos as Design Company logos are one of the most important aspects of marketing by creating an image that brands the company. There are many ways to create a memorable  logo that will brand your company’s name. 1) By using a distinct shape of the words of the product’s name, for example, Coca Cola , the … Read more

Red Lotus Dining Room Rug

 Selecting Art for Dining Room Rug Making the decision to purchase a hand painted dining room rug needs to be taken with care.It is an investment that will be lived with for many years. As Wendy, our most recent client expressed, “I knew I wanted Laurel’s Originals canvas rugs in my home but I had … Read more