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Bathroom Rugs Safe Beautiful Design

A Whole New Level for Bathrooms Bathroom rugs made from canvas, painted and varnished are a surprising and refreshing take on the whole fuzzy rug choice we normally imagine. But canvas rugs work surprisingly well! The fiber rug is absorbent, whereas the canvas rug is not. However, fuzzy rugs need constant washing, wear out quickly, … Read more

What do sea urchins, Aboriginal art and Be Here Now have in common?

It all started with a picture from Pinterest. “Mom, can you make a rug with a design similar to this picture I found on Pinterest? I want something bright and crazy on the floor.” So this was the first of my Circle Rugs. Her rug was quite large, 8’ x 10’ to cover the living … Read more

Washable kitchen rugs varnished canvas

Washable kitchen rugs can be indoor-outdoor fiber or small cotton rugs for the washing machine. But there is absolutely nothing easier than damp mopping a canvas rug right along with the floor. Varnished canvas is a new concept for washable kitchen rugs but a very old art form. It just makes sense. Several coats of … Read more

Hotel Room Decoration,and canvas rugs? Really?

Hotel Room Decoration in Aruba Hotel room decoration should be as comfy as home but feel like you are definitely not at home. A hotel can bring a sense of fantasy and magic to add to a vacation. It’s not just a place to sleep, it’s part of the experience. Recently I was invited to … Read more

Home Decor Fabric for the Tropics

Home decor fabric is the life and lifeline of any interior décor project. Home decor fabric IS home. Every room, every space uses fabric to make life comfortable. Curtain fabrics dress our windows and keep the light out or let the light in. And upholstery fabrics allow us to be cozy, safe, and enveloped in … Read more

Custom Design Rugs Make a Splash

Custom Design Rugs Custom design rugs are a chance to make what you want where you want it.  And not only for the design on the rug but the shape and size.  There is freedom that kind of makes you giddy when you get started with custom design rugs. My most recent project was for … Read more

Redecorating, What’s So Scary About Color?

  Redecorating (or is it just decorating?) When you’re redecorating does a whole new color scheme scare the &^%$(*& out of you? What? Color? You mean beige isn’t a color? Yes, beige is a color and there are many shades of beige to prove it. But how about taking a risk and put some COLOR … Read more

Your Home,Custom Canvas Rugs

Your home, an expression of who you are. Your home is your expression. Allow an empty space to speak to you. Be patient. Every corner of your home has the right to careful consideration. I appreciate it when someone writes to me and says, “I’ve been thinking about this space for a long time. Now … Read more