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Cleaning and Care of Area Rugs

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Canvas Areas Rugs Are Easy to Clean

The Importance of Maintaining your Area Rugs Clean

The dust that collects in carpets and fiber area rugs may contribute to health problems — particularly asthma, the most common chronic disease among children.

To clean a fiber area rug one can rent a shampoo machine for the cost of $29.00 per day. This entails a visit to the store, loading up a 40 lb machine, purchasing the shampoo, taking it home, shampooing the rug, and returning the machine taking much time and effort.

area rugs
Cleaning Fiber Area Rug

Another option is a home visit by a reputable company.  Many companies do a pickup and delivery to take the area rug to their facilities. Or the professional cleaner comes into the home and cleans the area rug in house. The cost may run anywhere from $125.00 to $200.00 for a 5’ x 8’ area rug.

There are numerous benefits to allowing experienced professionals to take on the chore, yet it truly comes down to the research prior to choosing the right one for the job. Not all carpet cleaning services are equal in performance, cost, or reputation.

Fiber area rugs are beautiful and for colder climates they add warmth to the floor. However if they are not cleaned with regularity they harbor germs, allergens from dust, pollen and animal hairs.

Martha Stewart has some very good advice on how to clean carpets and fiber area rugs in this link:

An Alternative to Fiber Area Rugs

I am often asked to explain the qualities of hand painted canvas rugs, or canvas floor cloths. The canvas area rugs have many benefits aside from being a unique piece of art with an exclusive design.

Let’s talk savings. A canvas area rug has several coats of polyurethane varnish that prevents dirt and sand penetrating the surface. It is a smooth surface that is perfectly sealed to prevent stains.

For those who live at the beach or desert, sand can be swept off with a broom or vacuumed and does not pass through the rug to the surface underneath. Canvas area rugs are also a perfect solution to country living where one is surrounded by the nature of the country. When dirt or mud is tracked in a sweeping of a broom and a damp mop make clean up a breeze.

Let’s talk health.The sealed canvas area rug does not collect the allergens that are a health risk. In fact, even puppies can’t ruin these rugs as they can be cleaned with soap and water leaving no trace of any “accidents”.

As one designer put it after acquiring her own hand painted canvas area rug:

“Laurel’s Original floor designs are great. The art is a second skin to the floor. They add the color and design a rug would without the cleaning hassle a pile rug has. They feel natural under bare feet and are perfect for custom design needs. Never worry about spilling a glass of red wine again on the rug… just wipe it up and keep the party going!”

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Canvas Rug in Dining Area

Mimi Bean, Interior Designer, Tamarindo, Costa Rica and Atlanta, Georgia

Many of our Testimonials point to the ease and care of these versatile rugs.

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