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Coastal Rugs for All Coasts

custom canvas rug design
Canvas Rug: Sea Life Design by Villa Lagoon Tile

Coastal Rugs, No Limit to Design

Coastal rugs belong in Costa Rica which boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world on two different oceans. However, coastal homes all over the world have their own unique décor reflecting the coastal environment they are located in.

Coastal rugs come in a variety of designs, such as nautical designs, beach life, or ocean life. Jute rugs and other natural fiber rugs work beautifully as coastal rugs.

Interior décor for coastal homes reflect the environment of the coast with sand, wildlife, soft colors of the ocean.

There is no defined color scheme because again, the décor is as varied as the flavor the coasts around the world.

Coastal Rug Design Inspiration

While visiting Santa Teresa, Costa Rica in the fabulous Casa Java, I spoke with the owner Carlota.

design for canvas coastal rug
Basket with Shells

The ancient teak house of Casa Java was first built 400  years ago on the Indonesian island of Java. Carlota relocated the house to the pristine white sands of Santa Teresa  where she and I discussed a design for canvas rugs  as coastal rugs.

Carlota pointed to a basket with Cowrie Shells  sewn  on  and said, “Why don’t you make a  design  like that  basket?”

The Cowrie Shell Design

coastal rug canvas rug runner
Cowrie Shell Design

The Cowrie Shell Design makes a beautiful coastal  rug with the impression of shells but in an  abstract. The Jute Stamp used on the borders is reminiscent of a natural fiber rug and the elegant  black background makes for a striking design.

And yet, the Cowrie Shell Design is not only used for coastal rugs. Another client loved the design for her mountain home on the hillsides of the San Jose Valley.

Her natural fiber rug had come to its end due to a bevy of dogs, country living and many rainy seasons. We widened the Jute Stamp border and made the Cowrie Shell Design area smaller. This created a focus for their antiqued green coffee table. The client changed the center to a deep rich red giving a rich focal point,

canvas rug coastal rugs
Cowrie Shell Design in Red

Coastal rugs can work in any environment when they  have an abstract design in lieu of shells and sea life. But  whatever the design, a canvas coastal rug makes beach  living easy. The sealed surface repels water and sand so the rug is as easy to clean as the rest of the floor.

If you are interested in coastal rugs or the Cowrie Shell  Design give me a call or an email. Let’s  design something unique for you.

Brainstorming and collaborating on making exclusive designs, makes my world as fresh as the sea  breeze.

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