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Company Logos as Rug Design

company logos
Branding with Decor

Company Logos as Design

Company logos are one of the most important aspects of marketing by creating an image that brands the company. There are many ways to create a memorable  logo that will brand your company’s name.

1) By using a distinct shape of the words of the product’s name, for example, Coca Cola , the product name becomes embedded in the public mind.

2) Another way company logos are designed is to use an image that depicts the name like the Shell Company logo.

3) Use a random image and it becomes synonymous with a company, for tn-nikeexample, the swoosh of Nike.

Company logos are essential for the branding and marketing of a company. These business logos are used in many ways, on the website, as a letterhead on stationary and invoices, and even marketing products such as T shirts and mugs, and of course, on packaging.

But company logos also make for memorable interior decor. Stepping onto a Logo Rug upon entering the offices of a company becomes the first step to greeting a customer with the all-important company image.

 Incorporate Company Logos into Logo Rug Design

We Sell Paradise is a real estate company in Ojochal, Costa Rica. Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and We Sell Paradise features many homes and properties on some of these beaches.

Their company logo features the glowing colors of a sunset behind the silhouette of a simple logo    beach hut and palm trees, depicting a world of leisure and simplicity.  The   company uses their logo on top of an image of the sun setting on a beach   on their business cards and website.

Their office is located in a very tropical area with high humidity and a          heavy rainy season traditional rugs are not an option.

Hand painted canvas rugs with company logo designs are perfect for this tropical climate.  A logo rug gives an office a very professional appearance and is one more way to embed a company logo into a potential client’s mind!

Logo Rug Design

A great way to use company logos for logo rug design is make the entire rug the logo.

One of Costa Rica’s most popular Bed and Breakfast hotels Out of Bounds, places their Out of Bounds           canvas company logo rug in the reception area. The    heavy duty canvas with several coats of polyurethane      stands up      to rolling suitcases and the climate that  transitions to six      months of rain to six months of dry  (and dusty) weather.

There are many ways to use company logos on any type      of rug. For more ideas click here for a list of ideas!
Click Here for Logo Ideas!

Take a look at the list and ask us how we can help you design a Logo Rug that will make your place of business as memorable as you are. We’d love to help!

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