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Hi! I’m laurel in costa rica

In 1977 I hopped a bus in Tijuana, Mexico and ended up on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

My backpacking journey ended when I met my husband to be. In the early 80’s I started making hand-painted cotton knit dresses and canvas bags for the budding tourist industry

Then I read an article in Mother Earth News about canvas floorcloths, and was inspired to make them for Costa Rica.

Having lived on the beach I could never find anything for the floors that didn’t get moldy, or repel water, sand, dirt, and all that living on the beach AND the jungle has to offer.

For the last 16 years, I’ve created hundreds of canvas rugs for clients in Costa Rica, the US, Europe, Canada, and Aruba.

In a country where it rains for six months and is dry for six months canvas rugs have become a wonderful solution for beautiful decor and easy living.

 I’m with you every step of the way sharing each phase of your canvas rug in progress.  I love co-creating and am thrilled to see each piece in its rightful home.

Contact me for design options, estimates, and any questions you have.

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