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Custom Area Rugs: Getting Design Just So

Plant Life Design Custom Area Rugs ~ Laurel’s Originals

 An Integral Part of the Interior Design

This really lights my creative fire: Creating hand painted custom area rugs with an interior designer from the start of the designer’s project. Why? Because the canvas rug becomes an integral part of the original interior design scheme. The designer connects with the client on a basis of color preference, living conditions, specific needs, and personality; together, we create the perfect floor art for the client.

Such was the privilege of working with Sheila Wach of Casa del Pacifico, Project Completion Specialist, a design firm in San Jose, Costa Rica.

One of the restrictions placed upon the designer was that there should be no area rug. The couple was bringing their 80 something parents who used walkers and a traditional pile rug would be too difficult for them to maneuver. However, a canvas rug, I pointed out, has a very low threshold, including its height of canvas doubled at the edge. It could provide the perfect solution to this designer’s quandary of creating a coherent interior design for the living area. It was then agreed that such a rug would be implemented.

Tweaking Design & Matching Colors

From my custom rug designs, Plant Life was selected for this 6′ x 7.5′ custom area rug. The designer requested that I paint the wispy plants only at the corners of the rug. “Do not be symmetrical; I want plants to look like they are growing randomly at the corners,” instructed Sheila.

Samples of the materials to be used for the couch, details on the pillows and the chairs color swatchesmatched the colors from our paint swatch kit. We then moved on to deciding the border width where the painted detail would be added. One consideration when creating a design for an area rug is the style and size of any table to be placed on top of the rug. If the center of the rug is a solid color, the table needs to appear proportionate to the center color, neither overwhelming it nor floating in it. We agreed upon a 12” border of a soft taupe color.

Adjusting Custom Area Rug’s Design as it Develops

As the painting of the custom area rug took shape it became apparent that the center color of a pale smoky blue looked a bit flat. I suggested adding the technique of stamping, (with jute or sea sponge) in the same color to give the finished product more depth. This technique of layering coats of paint reveal themselves in the final varnishing. Sheila went one step further by requesting a shade darker for the top coat using a sea sponge to give it a mottled look.

Throughout the process Sheila repeatedly mentioned keeping softness to the design, a feeling of subtlety for the entire interior. That’s when creative juices kicked in and it was decided to blend the border color (taupe) into the center color (aqua blue) instead of having a defined edge. The final effect turned out as requested: soft and subtle, akin to a beach at a lake shore with plants growing around the perimeter.

custom area rug in-situ
Custom Area Rug Project Completed

This Plant Life designed rug provides a dramatic focal point without overwhelming the room. It also instills a beautiful element necessary for the interior decor. As important, it fit the client’s needs of having a low threshold area rug. Creating custom area rugs is gratifying both for the interior designer and the canvas rug maker. Because of the techniques employed and the nature of painted rugs they add greatly to any interior design scheme providing the owner a piece of floor art they will enjoy for many years to come.

Your comments are appreciated!  What is your response to this custom rug’s design?

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6 thoughts on “Custom Area Rugs: Getting Design Just So”

    • Thank you Wendy! Working with Sheila was a great experience. She actually designs the furniture. I love the carved leaves in the tables, they go so well with the plants in the rug, or is it the other way around?

    • Thank you JoAnne, I loved working with these colors, they were different from any project I had done before. That’s why I love making custom rugs, each one is a new adventure!

  1. This is so pretty and I love the shades of blue and greens which actually lifts the whole room, and I think this is one of your best rugs.

    thanks Laurel

    • Thank you Anne! Matching or using complimentary paint colors with the fabric colors can be a challenge but the results make the whole room work. I appreciate your comment.


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