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Made to Order custom canvas rugs

Lovingly crafted custom rugs for your business or home. Ideal for both decorative flooring and functionality in a variety of spaces from the bedroom to covered porch.

Bring your workplace to life with branded area rugs or wall hanging. Compliment your home with custom pieces inspired by existing decor.

Durable and easy to clean.

Modern, contemporary and thematic designs.

Any size or shape to perfectly match your location.

100% guarantee from 17 years of experience. 

Determine Canvas Rug Size.

Get out your measuring tape and measure the area where you’d like a rug. Canvas Rugs work well everywhere even outside as long as it’s covered.

We can discuss rug placement if you need help deciding the size.

Rectangle, square, round, octagonal, L shaped – Just about any shape and size can be accommodated.

Gather Inspiration and get in touch.

We draw designs from many different sources. Match colors to your interior decor using Sherwin Williams color or paint available in Costa Rica.

Check out the gallery, browse the shop, explore projects in detail in my journal, and most importantly – imagine what the perfect rug looks like for you.

There is no charge for a consult. I love talking to people so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Shipping or Delivery & Payment.

Ok! We’ve designed our rug and figured out the measurements. 

I’ll send you an estimated invoice confirming the prices, dimensions, designs, and colors. We do ship internationally but I’ll need your location for an estimate.

Payment Invoice: Rug orders finalized with e-mail invoice agreement and 50% deposit. If an order is canceled after deposit I offer a refund less any costs spent on materials and time at point of cancellation.

each piece of functional floor art is unique

Prices for canvas rugs are determined by size and design. It’s a discussion. We are making something unique and personal for your home. To explore our stock of currently available rugs visit the Shop. Otherwise, let’s begin!

All of Laurel’s Originals’ canvas rugs are made to order. Once your deposit of 50% for a rug order has been received, it will take a minimum* of two weeks to sew, paint and cure your rug before it is ready for delivery.

When it’s finished I’ll send you a photo of the finished product and ask for payment from PayPal for the remaining 50% and the FULL COST OF SHIPPING.

I ship by DHL Express and will send the tracking number to you as well as track it myself until it is delivered to your door.

*The time frame from start to finish for an order might vary depending on how many rugs are in the queue. But I’ll give you a time estimate when you make the order. Usually, it takes two weeks.

I bought this floorcloth for my beach house on Nantucket. It came promptly and looks great. I haven’t been there enough to see how it is going to wear, but it looks very durable and the design is great. I am considering having a much larger one made for under my dining room table.

– Wendy Conway