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Decorating Themes with Canvas Rugs

runner rug

Decorating themes are as varied as the people on the planet.

You might be wary of decorating themes in the belief it will freeze you into a specific style that could be unwavering.

When placing an area rug in a room it can be used in two different ways, as a focal point or as a way of tying all the other décor elements together.

A hand-painted custom area rug used with decorating themes is used in the same way.

area rug abstract design
Circle Rug

A few months ago we created what we now call the Circle Rug design. The first Circle Rug design was on a dark red background with all the bright colors imaginable painted into the circles. Looking back on this design it reminds me of a circus, wild, crazy, fun, and energetic, just like the young couple who now have this rug in their living room. This area rug is not a part of a decorating theme but carries the energy of the home in this one centerpiece.

I yearned to paint this rug with rich earthy colors on black.

While searching for interior design inspiration I looked to ethnic designs from Aboriginal art, African prints, and even Havana Tiles. The Circle Rug Design became the Ethnic Rug but the circles keep the design contemporary.

decorating themes

Decorating themes don’t have to be stylized.

They can take on the flavor of a theme, or a personal style with the flexibility of growing in other directions in your interior décor.

A new client called for a runner rug as a housewarming gift for a beach house. The primary colors were blues and turquoise. While discussing a design she said she liked the Circle Design then asked: “How about designs based on sea urchins?

Decorating Themes can be Specific,

Or contemporary with the coastal theme incorporated inside each circle. I started out using patterns from shells and then placed a few actual shells in between some circles as well as the beautiful sea urchin designs. The client wanted some bright pops of red and orange to contrast with the blues which makes this runner rug spectacular.

decorating themes interior decor
Detail on canvas rug

The Circle Rug is a fun abstract design that works in many decorating themes. What colors would you choose? What themes would you consider? Desert? Sunsets? Animals? Plants?

Like I said, decorating themes are as varied as each person, and that’s what makes interior décor so much fun!

Post your design ideas and colors below.

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