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Designer Rug: Art and Space

designer rug
Designer Rug: Flow

The Concept of a Designer Rug

The concept of a designer rug actually offers many facets. It can be a rug with a definitive design created by a designer. It can be a collaboration between the rug maker and an interior decorator to achieve the perfect rug for an interior decor project. Or, it can be an artist creating a custom canvas rug designed specifically for her client.

The Association of Costa Rica Interior Designers recently hosted an event which included a panel of artists in a discussion about Art and Space. Three Costa Rica artists using space in different manners presented their works and ideas. Rosella Matamoros creates art on canvas and also uses live performance of creating her art as a medium. Franklin Zúñiga, a sculptor, shared photos of his works, some of which were boulders placed in positions in outdoor areas. And a young designer, Velkis Maletta, utilizes space to create exhibitions of artists within museums.

Meeting with some of these creative minds representing a new generation of interior designers active in Costa Rica was inspirational on a entirely new level. What came up for me was a new idea: How would an interior designer create their vision for space by creating a designer rug for a room first and build the room’s decor around the rug?

When creating interior decor the design of a rug needs to fit into the interior designer’s vision for a room. There is also the option of designing a rug for interior design project as an integral part of the room.

Creative Space, Unlimited Design

designer rugs
Creative Floor Art

While conceptualizing and creating art for floors and interior decor ideas, think of what could be done with a space if you could create a floor covering in any shape, any size, any design. Open your mind to the possibility of not only adding a rug to the rest of the decor, but focusing the interior around a rug.

Art becomes design when it is blown out of proportion. A photo enlarged and printed on to canvas can change into a soft version with pixels changing colors and shapes.  A large image of Marilyn Monroe’s face painted on a 5 x 8 canvas area rug loses the detail of a painting hung on the wall but becomes a focal point of surprises as an eye peeks out from a chair or a lock of hair from under the coffee table.

Shape can be a design factor as well. Imagine a curved runner weaving its way through a room; a star, a splat, a pool of water, translated into a designer rug. What space would you fill and what space would you leave, if a designer rug could bend to your will?

The ideas that spring forth from a discussion about art in space carry me through to an idea that art can and does go anywhere. The new art gallery is your floor. And all of this takes a designer rug to new dimensions for interior décor.

Visit my canvas rugs designs gallery for thoughts and ideas on creating your own designer rug. It’s a wonderfully creative and fun process. Comments? Questions?


3 thoughts on “Designer Rug: Art and Space”

  1. This is truly an original, Laurel. The rug’s design has a texture one can almost feel; the design is one of a kind! So, was it a collaborative effort or a spontaneous creation? Either way, it is stunning!

  2. Laurel, I have two of your pieces and never do they go into the background for me as art on the wall does. Since these pieces are original and usable at the same time, they are never taken for granted. There is something about infusing the design with the personal touch and energy of your creator-genes that make your work stand out as ‘delightful.’


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