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Dining Room Rug Adventure


Designing A Dining Room Rug Two case studies

When making hand-painted custom dining room rugs for homeowners I am most excited about creating a new design.

Often a client sends a photo and says “Paint this” or takes one of our house designs and we either modify the colors or tweak the design to fit into each unique interior décor.

In the case of Rodger and Sharon, we went on an odyssey of design concepts and colors to find the exact dining room rug that fit into their home, just right!

Contact Me!

First I received an email with a photo of their existing dining room rug. Sharon asked, “Can you replicate this  design?”  The canvas rug had been painted by another artist. When asked to replicate art I prefer to expand on the idea of the design. Copying another artist’s work is not what I do.

Another email quickly followed with a photo of a traditional rug with the question” How would you incorporate this design into a rug?

I created a small painting using this design and after a  couple of weeks, I got a phone call.

Yes, you can call me!  Call me on Whatsapp 506-8383-0407 and when you call  I’ll pick up to answer your questions (if I’m not out watering the garden or walking my dogs, then I’ll call you back, promise)

So Rodger and I began a conversation on design features and measurements for the dining room rug. I made a small painting of this new design as well; three design options are included in the canvas rug contract.

Color Consult

Meanwhile, Sharon is investigating colors. I use an oil-based polyurethane to seal the canvas rugs.

The oil base polyurethane adds a golden sheen to the paint color. It works well with most colors except for white and pastels. Beige and cream work well with this slight color change so I wanted to make sure they understood this before continuing with the colors they were choosing.

With colors selected, techniques refined, and design fine-tuned, I embarked on the journey of this challenging and beautiful new design, unlike like anything I have ever painted before.

And that is what makes my “job” so exciting. The ultimate reward is comments like these.

 Testimonials, My Favorite

Thank you Laurel for the creative genius of your interpretation of our vision.
As you can see, it looks amazing in our kitchen dinette nook.
I am so excited to put new colors and unique cushions to bring the eclectic look together.
Take care and thank it again.

I know Sharon sent you pictures of how the rug looks. If you want, feel free to give our name out as a reference….we are very pleased for what you did and how it looks…thank you


Please call or write if you want to discover the play and fulfillment of creating your own custom canvas rug. I’ll be waiting !

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