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Red Lotus Dining Room Rug

dining room rug canvas rug
Art for the Floor

 Selecting Art for Dining Room Rug

Making the decision to purchase a hand painted dining room rug needs to be taken with care.It is an investment that will be lived with for many years. As Wendy, our most recent client expressed,

“I knew I wanted Laurel’s Originals canvas rugs in my home but I had to really think about the design”

Wendy Strebe of Casa Metta, a place of healing with soothing treatments and curative diet, wanted to make a focal point of her dining room rug. Most dining tables are set low at sitting level which covers most of the design on the rug. When painting an original design for the dining area rug we usually recommend a focus on a design around the edge of the rug.

dining room rug canvas rug
Before Dining Room Rug

Wendy’s dining room table is tall with tall chairs. This area needed a striking design underneath to draw attention to the floor when coming up from the downstairs area onto the dining area or from the other rooms on the same floor.

The dining area has a striking painting with bright colors, a red enamel lamp, and stained glass windows. A small alcove is a place of healing and light with lots of bright colors. Wendy thought of red lotus flowers and we looked at images on Google. One image stood out above all and we simultaneously breathed, “Oooooh, that’s the one!”

The next morning I got an email that said,

I had a dream about the dining room rug.

Under the table was a pond with lotus blossoms and lily pads

Grasses surrounded the pond.

But your interpretation will be fine!!



And so the 7’ x 7’ Red Lotus Design was created for the dining room rug. The bright red lotus flowers were large making them enough to “pop” out from a distance. There was no specific guidance for colors other than the red lotus flowers but having seen the room I got a feel for Wendy’s love of color.

Giving the Artist Free Rein

Wendy said that she has her ideas but believes in letting the artist bring the expression through their art.

I have to express my profound gratitude for the trust placed in me to create a lasting piece of art for someone’s home. It’s a big piece of art and it will last for many, many years.

Upon installing the rug we centered the rug directly under the red enamel lamp. The table fits

canvas rug design
Coherence in Design

exactly in the center of the dining room rug and the red flowers draw attention to the eye.

“ I wanted something to ground this area,” Wendy said. We were both pleased with the effect of this stunning piece of art.

This is the focal point of my passion. As much as I loved creating this artwork for a dining room rug, for me, the piece isn’t finished until it’s placed in its home with all the surrounding decor.  It made the room complete.

So what do you think? Please make your comments below.  I’d love to hear from you!

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