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FAQ for Canvas Rugs

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Making Canvas Rugs

FAQ: Canvas Rugs

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions Related to Canvas Rugs

We thought it might be helpful to assist our customers with some of the FAQ and explain a few technical things with regards to the making and care of our hand-painted canvas rugs and decor items. This page will be frequently more questions are asked. If you don’t see what you need feel free to call or email Laurel!

1) How do you clean a canvas rug?

Canvas rugs are sealed with highly resistant finishes. They are stain proof and water proof. Most canvas rugs simply need to be swept or vacuumed and then wiped down with a damp mop. However, if they become very muddy they can be washed with a mild soap and water.

2) How do you keep canvas rugs in place?

Placing canvas rugs under furniture can prevent the rug from sliding around. We also use a putty tack around the edges to prevent the canvas rug from moving. This putty, widely available, does not stick to the floor or the rug yet it keeps the rug firmly attached to the floor! Since the rug can be swept, vacuumed and mopped along with your floor it does need to be moved.

3) Canvas Wall Hangings: What Options to Consider?

The heavy weight canvas we use for our rugs make a very durable wall hanging. There is no limit to the length or width of any wall hanging desired.

If you wish to frame your Laurels Originals canvas art work then we won’t sew the reinforced seam around the edges allowing for stretching and framing.

The canvas rugs can be used as a rug or a wall hanging. Because they do have a seam the mitered corner can be split open to allow for a rod to pass through. The type of rod can be congruent with the style of art. A rustic painting could use a bamboo rod or a contemporary piece can use a metal rod with decorative end pieces. The hanging can then be hung using a cord or to hooks attached to the wall.

Wall hangings sealed with our resistant finish allow for easy cleaning, resist dust and mold, however the finish does lend to a shinier surface. Or we can leave the art without a finish.

4) At What Price?

Our canvas rugs, floor cloths, are priced by the square foot. The price depends on the size of the canvas rug and the design category. We ask for a 50% deposit and the cancelation before shipping or installing the rug.

5) Do you make round canvas or octagonal rugs?

Yes, we do! Initially the difficulty was getting a smooth, clean curved hem so instead of a round rug we designed the octagonal shape. Put we have perfected the process for the round and now can make both round or oval rugs and octagon shaped rugs. We hem all of our canvas rugs allowing the rugs to lay flat. Sewn hems are important providing extra thickness on the edges where the rug receives the most abuse.

6) Are canvas rugs used outdoors?

Canvas rugs are not meant to be placed in the full sun or rain. However, they work very well under a covered porch where some sun or rain might reach them. Since they wipe down so easily, if a canvas rug placed on a covered porch did get a little wet it can be wiped down to dry off.

7) Are canvas rugs used in front of doors?

Since canvas rugs have a very low threshold they work very well in front of doors! They make a perfect rug to place in a kitchen or bathroom allowing cupboard doors to glide over them easily.

8) On larger sized rugs, is the canvas all one piece?

Any rug over 5′ wide has to be pieced together. However! We have tested with many friends, customers and designers to tell us if they can see a seam on the finished product of our large rugs and the answer is invariably, “nope.” The two pieces of canvas are joined together with a durable tape on one side and sealed and sanded on the upper side. With the application of the primer and the painted design the seams are not detectable. Nevertheless, we felt we should bring this detail to the attention of our customers.

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