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Frida Kahlo Kitchen Mat

Frida Khalo Mat Floor


Frida Kahlo is best known for her self-portraits and bold exotic colors.
I love to exp[lore other artist’s work for inspiration. for canvas rugs.

Using art from a painting for a canvas rug design opens up infinite possibilities. Evelyn Gallardo, owner of Discovery Beach House in Manuel Antonio had just remodeled her kitchen after the kitchen of Frida Kahlo. The deep blue tiles with yellow diamonds and shelving with brightly colored ceramic plates give this tropical beach house a unique look and feel.

Frida Kahlo Painting

She sent me a photo of Frida Kahlo’s called Bride Frightened of Seeing Life Opened and asked if I could copy it. I accepted the challenge.Frida Kahlo
The small kitchen mat measures 27” x 43”. I had the photo enlarged to fit the rug size but to keep the proportions the sides were a bit bare. To replicate the painting I used a rustic white for the background with added antiquing effects.
Frida Khalo

Checking in with the client.

Before varnishing I send my clients the finished product for any detail or changes. Once I apply the varnish I can no longer make any changes.  Evelyn loved the painting but felt the background was too white and asked for a color change. I changed it with layers of browns with a sponging technique for an aged look.

We installed the rug in the Discovery House kitchen and talked to the women who help to clean and maintain this exquisite rental home. Canvas rugs are not known in Costa Rica and it’s important to explain how to clean and maintain the rug. Too easy, just sweep and mop! 

The hardest part is convincing people you can actually walk on them!

Frida Khalo Mat Floor
Frida Khalo

Evelyn was gracious enough to show me the rest of the house. This gem  is a showcase for over 40 years of world travel with her husband. Every nook and cranny had artistic detail with mementos of their travels.

I feel honored to be able to contribute to this home. We’ve come up with some new design ideas for some other kitchen mats. One is the brightly colored pitahaya fruit and another with a piece of crockery taken from a photo from the actual Frida Kahlo kitchen.

If you ever see a painting and think that would make a fun rug to put in your home, you have the option. Contact me and let’s do the art!

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