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Hotel Decor Exclusive Design

hotel decor
Canvas rugs for hotel decor

Hotel Decor Challenges

Hotel décor has to deal with one specific challenge, Traffic! Foot traffic, children traffic, suitcases rolling down hallways and reception, and all of these put a lot of wear and tear on the floors.

In Costa Rica, many hotels feature beautiful wood floors due to the abundance of exotic hardwoods available. Cement floors have reached a new height in design options. Tile floors feature ceramics but also many hotels use the old colonial tiles replicated in concrete.

In Costa Rica, the Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Resort has its own special flavor in hotel décor and ambiance. Hand-painted wall murals adorn the rooms, sculptures, and crafts collected from Costa Rica are seen throughout, Hand painted placemats are used on the hardwood tables in the restaurant.

Everywhere there is art to complement the unusually shaped rooms with balconies overlooking spectacular views.

We are proud to contribute to this décor with our hand painted custom canvas rugs.

Why Canvas Rugs for Hotel Décor?

Canvas Rug for Sitting Area
Canvas Rug for Sitting Area

Once canvas rugs are laid flat on the floor there is no need to move them to clean. There is no laundering. Hotels save money on water and soap.

Canvas rugs don’t stain. They are sealed with several coats of polyurethane varnish acting as a protective shield for the paint and canvas. Cleaning is easy, Vacuum or sweep and use a damp mop to clean

Designs for Hotel Decor

The sky is the limit with hotel décor designs. Canvas rugs are painted with house paint giving the option of hundreds of colors. Rugs are painted in any design and made into any shape.

One of the newest rooms in the Hotel Finca Rosa Blanca is called El Cielo which translates to Heaven. And this room is a little piece of heaven. A sitting area greets you as you walk in which leads to a spacious bathroom. The large bedroom has a wall of windows looking out onto a beautiful view of the forest and leads out onto a covered patio with a Jacuzzi and an uncovered balcony.

Our hand-painted canvas rugs grace every room in El Cielo with our Plant Life on a Pond Design. We just gave it that name because everyone said the rugs look like a blue pond!

Canvas rugs Hotel Decor
Hotel Finca Rosa Blanca, Santa Barbara, Heredia

I didn’t want to cover the tiles because the old colonial tiles are an important part of this hotel décor. So we made the outdoor canvas rug fit inside the tile design using colors in the tile in the plants around the pond to give the colors continuity.

Hotel Decor
Hotel Decor, leaves corner

Although canvas rugs aren’t padded they are a relief from hard concrete or ceramic floors. They provide a non-slide surface, perfect for the bathroom. This large canvas rug went in front of the Jacuzzi for protection from slipping on wet tiles.

Creating or redecorating a hotel? Hand-painted canvas rugs made exclusively for your hotel décor guarantees a unique design element to make your hotel a memorable place to stay.

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