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Interior Decorator Selects Palm Trees Swaying

interior decorator palm rug design
Interior Decorator Inspired Palm Rug Design

Creative Interior Decorator’s Design

When an interior decorator comes up with a design idea there are many aspects to be considered. A wonderful creative collusion came about recently when I was in Jaco visiting with an interior decorator, Stephen, introducing him to my hand painted custom canvas area rugs.

“I have a client for you…right now!” he exclaimed. “Bring your samples!” And with a burst of energy he headed out the door with yours truly close on his heels. Three offices away I met the owners of Paradise Property Management. Elena had just purchased the office, which had been previously occupied by Stewart Title, who had already done a lovely job of redesigning the office space.

An interior decorator considers colors, style of furniture and the desired ambiance of an area to be treated. In this particular office the floors are a deep grey granite tile, the lighting inset and soft and the walls curved – all of these design aspects providing a unique office space.

Placed strategically, the furniture included a heavy dark wood desk, a plush, dark taupe couch and a stuffed coordinating armchair. The entire front window is covered with the company logo and the back interior wall painted a dark gray with artwork incorporating silver and soft tones of blue.The feel of the room was comfortable and professional.

inspirational colors
Pulling Canvas Rug Colors From Surrounding Art

Stephen and I decided a 5’ x 7’ rectangle area rug would be the perfect size considering the placement of furniture. Upon viewing my sample rugs, Elena the client, expressed her affinity for a tan / gold color which popped out when placed on the deep gray floor. With our trusty paint swatch kit (every interior decorator has one – usually from several different companies – Sherwin Williams has a color app for smart phones!) we selected the exact tone of blue taken from the painting on the wall.

Listening Helps in Design Details

Later, Stephen sent me a picture of a design using several palm trees in three colors: tan, blue and cream on a gray background. I felt it needed a different color along the rugs border to frame it and make the design pop and remembered Elena’s comment about the tan/gold color. Having learned about working with gray paint of canvas from a recent living room rug project, I hand drew the palm trees and painted the background around the design instead of using the gray as a base coat. This took more time but it helped to define the palm design quite well.

It’s been my experience working with interior decorators that they have great vision, however, if possible I like to confer with the client to get a clear idea of she/he prefers. Elena had stated that she didn’t want too much of the blue so I painted only one of the several palm trees in blue. It brought in the art work and solidified the look of the whole room. The key design on the canvas rug worked perfectly with the company logo which included a palm tree!

Custom Canvas Palm Rug

This office is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica; properties here typically include the prerequisite palm trees. For clients entering the office of a company who will help make their dream of living here come true, what better welcome than a hand painted canvas rug with palm trees swaying in the wind? An interior decorator would tell you, the very best indeed.



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