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Interior Design with Canvas Area Rugs

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Custom Design One of a Kind

The Creative Process

When creating interior design, whether you are starting from scratch, remodeling or want a unique item to renew your room, a canvas rug made specifically for your home is a reflection of your personality. You will never walk into someone’s  home and see the same rug on their floor! It’s almost as disturbing as arriving to a party wearing the same dress as some else, except, maybe worse because you can’t so easily change it!

How Do We Create The Design You Want?

Some clients say they have no artistic abilities and leave the design up to the artist. However, the interior design of a home does exhibit the owner’s tastes and preferences. Photographs of the home show the existing decor such as the art on the walls, the colors of the floor, walls and furnishings, all contributing to the overall decor.

canvas rug design
Tropical Swirl

The canvas rug artist then comes up with ideas to present to the homeowner. We suggest looking at the Canvas Rugs Designs Gallery that displays many of the previous designs created over the years. This is just a springboard for ideas and options but by no means definitive. Sometimes a design will just “click” or the feeling derived from the designs or colors or a combination thereof can be a useful guideline.

For example, one client saw the Tropical Swirl design and said it looked fun and gave them the fantasy feeling they were looking for. So we incorporated the stamp into the design of their rug. Another client liked the Concentric Circles design but asked for a runner with her own choice of exuberant colors.

Another example was combination of two designs for a large area rug using the Woven Mat design in the center and the hand painted Bamboo Design on the borders using custom colors.

canvas rugs
Playing with Design

Interior Design

Interior designers begin with the very inception of a room or home using the dimensions of space , color and patterns for the creation of each project.

They can design and incorporate a canvas area rug as an integral part of the original production of the interior design.The colors taken from furniture, accent pillows, walls and other aspects are taken into consideration when conceiving a custom area rug.

An important part of interior design work is listening to the client. Often clients are very clear about what they don’t want whereas they may not be so clear about what they do want. The designer listens, and constructs a unique creation that fits into the whole of the decor.

Interior Design as Original as You Are

Interior design takes on a whole new aspect when the design of an area rug is incorporated into the entirety of the decor. Custom area rugs are one of a kind: no one else will show up with your exclusive rug!

Take a look at our Designs Gallery or contact Laurel for feedback on an design created solely  for you!

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