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Interior Designers: Collaborating Energy

custom rug
Patterned Aqua & Brown Rug

Creating an Interior Designer’s Vision

Working with interior designers is an ongoing evolution of communication and development of ideas and techniques. The ideas on the part of the design professionals who know what they want to convey and the techniques of the artisans with whom they work to help express their vision is the glue of such an evolution.

An interior designer has an all encompassing scope of vision for a room or an entire home. It is not only a combination of designs and colors flowing from one room to another but colors within a room – to contrast and combine taken from all aspects within the home. Additionally, a view or vista of the outside environment can play a part in the overall effect of interior design.

The technical side of using color in an interior décor scheme is an important aspect, of course. In addition to furniture, colors and art are what the designer refers to as the feeling or ambiance. Drawing from an understanding of the homeowner’s wishes is vital to creating the underlying scheme of their interior décor. Because in the end, it is the client’s interior décor of a home that must mesh with their personality and preferences.

Explosion of Ideas Working with Interior Designers

Interior designers who opt for the creation of a hand painted custom canvas rug for interior décor find their choices explode into a myriad of possibilities. Often a room’s decorative feel will focus on a particular design that reflects the owner’s passion. A custom painted rug can easily “fit” into the context of the room with a match of colors with the custom aspect

For example: color found in fabric of pillows can be used in details of the custom canvas rug; Such was the case on a recent project where pumpkin colored pillows with small details of olive green was incorporated into a custom painted rug using the olive green color as an inner border (see photo below).

interior designers
Palm Fronds and Stripes

Working Together

When exploring options of having a canvas rug made, the interior designer will explain their ideas and as the techniques are discussed and more possibilities become apparent designer and rug maker both, feed upon a creative energy that generates a creative frenzy. When the designer wants this and the rug maker says, “I can do that,” it is an energizing meeting of the minds.

For the canvas rug maker it is also an expansion of creativity by experimenting with new procedures to come up with the perfect design that fits the ambiance sought for by the interior designer.

One such project involved some very conservative owners who liked some color but not too much. The interior designer kept using the words, “soft and flowing” and so the idea came to blend the border color with that of the center color to eliminate straight lines and firm division of color. The softness desired was literally translated into a painting style.

8 x10 rug
Large Area Custom Rug

Collaboration between interior designer and canvas rug designer is fulfilling and exciting because it produces a truly unique piece of art that becomes an intricate part of a unique vision.

Attention interior designers with new projects forthcoming: Would love to brainstorm some creative ideas utilizing custom canvas rugs. Contact me. Or leave a comment below.  Appreciate your likes and shares, too.

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