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Kitchen Mats: Design Your Own

kitchen mats
Creating Custom Colors & Designs for Kitchen Mats

Kitchen Mats Design and Personality

Kitchen mats perfectly sized to the space required and color matched to the room’s décor are not the only advantage of hand painted canvas rugs. When looking for the element that expresses personality and interest it can take a few tries before the right design emerges.

I was recently contacted by Louise looking for a kitchen mat who asked, “What design do you suggest?” This is a very general question needing more research to create a design that fits a home and the people who live in it. Photographs of the kitchen sent upon request revealed a  bright lilac wall and a stone counter top with tones of beige.

Wondering what direction to take with the design I asked Louise, “Have you looked at any of the designs on the Canvas Rug Design Gallery on Laurels Originals website?” It turned out she had not. Although the photographs showed furnishings and color, they did not reveal the feeling looked for in this new kitchen mat design. Did she like nature? Contemporary design? Or perhaps stripes?

Kitchen Mats Design Options
Design Ideas Kitchen Mats

Kitchen mats can incorporate either a design with a small pattern throughout with no border or a bold border to contrast with the floor. Or opt for an inner and outer border with two different patterns. The options go on and on! Some preliminary designs were painted on paper and emailed to demonstrate some possibilities for Louise. The client did finally review the Gallery Page and found she liked the Aqua Fantasy design because the swirling movement brought out the swirls on the kitchen counter.  “We want it to be a fun canvas rug for our kitchen!” she declared.

Color Choice Comes Into Play for Kitchen Mats

When selecting colors for custom kitchen mats for the US, a client can visit any Sherwin Williams store and select colors from their palette. Any color code can be replicated here in Costa Rica and the client is assured of getting an exact match of colors. Louise selected the colors from her kitchen walls and floor tiles. We then worked from those strips of color from the paint store to get varying tones for contrast.

I suggested a darker tone of the color on the wall for a border to make it “pop” out on the floor. Using the same color for an inner border to create a center and an outer wide border, we used the swirling design from the Aqua Fantasy stamp and a mottled sea sponge effect in the center.

Happy Clients, the Best Result

Kitchen mats design
Louise’s Kitchen Mat

Designing kitchen mats that will be a part of a home for many years is well worth the time exploring options. Playing with color strips to combine colors and tones, looking at patterns, are all an integral part of coming up with an original design.

The perfect ending to the design quest for a fun kitchen mat was Louise’s response upon receiving her new canvas rug.

“Our beautiful rug is here!” It’s perfect and uniquely ours. Thank you for all of your help. I know we will enjoy our rug for many, many years.”

We’d love to hear from you if you have any comments or questions. Thinking of a new kitchen mat or rug? Write to us or comment below for tips and ideas!

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