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Custom Painted Kitchen Rug

kitchen rug
Custom Kitchen Rug

Kitchen Rug: Functionality & Design

Many of us certainly spend a lot of time in the kitchen, especially in front of the sink. The place to wash fruits and vegetables and my not so favorite thing: cleaning up. A kitchen rug is often placed in front of the sink, to make more comfortable the place for weary feet as we go about our chores.

A hand painted custom canvas kitchen rug has many advantages in the kitchen. Number one, it’s super easy to clean. A kitchen floor typically gets swept and mopped on a daily basis and this type of kitchen rug does not take one more second to clean then the rest of the floor. I spray mine with diluted disinfectant and wipe down with a rag or a mop.

A canvas kitchen rug has a low threshold, meaning a cupboard door slides right over it. Moreover, a canvas kitchen rug made to the exact size of the area in front of the sink can be partially placed under an appliance such as a stove or refrigerator, if one prefers. Using a removable putty product helps to secure or fasten the rug to the floor so it does not move around.

Creating Your Perfect Kitchen Rug

Mexican Tile Octagonal Kitchen Rug

And now (drum roll), for the fun part!  Having a hand painted custom canvas kitchen rug not only to fit to your kitchen specifications, but creating a design with specific colors to go with your kitchen décor.  You may have a kitchen theme already; if not, you could create one starting with your custom kitchen rug.

Over the years we have made more than a few custom canvas kitchen rugs. One client asked if we could glean a design from that of her decorative living room rug, which was visible from the kitchen.(large photo above)  We were able to match shades of red and green colors of the painted kitchen cabinets, and chose certain elements from the area rug for the design. I loved having the challenge of recreating this design and my client absolutely loved it!

Here are some more ideas to help you brainstorm kitchen rug designs taken from some of our previous custom projects:

  • Patty wanted to use a design taken from her favorite teapot for her kitchen rug. Black
    custom black and white kitchen rug

    and white checks were gently tinted with pastel colors to soften the checkered look.

  • Mexican tile is a very popular décor choice. One of our clients wanted to create a theme for her lovely kitchen and at the same time, add some color to the wood floors and wood cabinets. By adding a Mexican tile kitchen rug and changing the cabinet door knobs with hand painted Mexican tile design, the décor was simple and colorful.
  • Another client covered her entire kitchen floor with our brightly colored Mexican tile design in blue to add a punch of bright color. Check out this custom kitchen rug!
  • Using a pattern in the center of the design keeps a kitchen rug looking clean and fresh, such as a sponge effect, palm fronds, leaves, ferns…what else? (leave your comment below)
  • Susan pulled a design idea from one of her travel experiences and asked for a green and yellow custom kitchen rug floor tile design pattern for an area just outside her kitchen. (click on the link to see this beauty – this takes you to our sister site)
Kitchen Rug Design Ideas

If you need help with other ideas for a painted canvas kitchen rug, let me know.  Simply send me a photo of your kitchen and the size you’re thinking of…I’d be delighted to help create the perfect rug for your feet and your kitchen décor!

Buen provecho…or bon appetit!


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    • I agree. the nice thing is the low threshold canvas rugs have. cabinet doors glide right over them. And they are so easy to clean, you don’t have to take them our of the kitchen, just sweep and mop. You can even use disinfectant.


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