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Kitchen Rugs Work Hard

Kitchen Mats
Creating Custom Colors & Designs for Kitchen Mats

Kitchen Rugs in all shapes and sizes

Kitchen rugs just don’t seem like a good idea when thinking of traditional fiber rugs. Hand painted canvas rugs take a bit of explaining. A canvas rug is also called a canvas floor cloth, the original name given by the colonists who brought this art form to America from Europe.

Canvas rugs are painted and sealed with several coats of polyurethane making an impermeable surface that is very easy to clean. And here is the operative word for any kitchen,         CLEAN.

So now you know there is an option for your kitchen floor that is easy to clean with soap and water, with disinfectants, and they don’t stain. Canvas kitchen rugs or kitchen mats lay flat making a low threshold so they place in front of cabinets easily. You can mop them where they are so they don’t have to be moved to be cleaned or laundered.

Let the Fun Begin

Because canvas rugs are cut and sewn to any size or shape they can fit into odd spaces.

Kitchen Rug
Wrap around kitchen rug

Do you have an island in your kitchen?

Custom Rug
Wrap around kitchen rug

We can make a wrap around rug all in one piece.







Do you want a rug in front of your sink and your stove? How about an “L” shaped kitchen rug?

Kitchen Rug, Custom rug
L shape for sink and stove

How about an odd angle where the dishwasher goes?

Custom rug, Kitchen rug
Custom Shape Kitchen Rug

Or a narrow space in front of the refrigerator?

Kitchen rug, Custom Rug
Custom kitchen rug



Yes, yes, and yes, any color shape or design can make your kitchen as unique as your flair for cooking.

The Right Color for Your Kitchen Rug

We have Sherwin Williams in Costa Rica. Choose your colors from their palette and send me the color codes to ensure you’ll get the colors you want. In Costa Rica, we use Lanco, Sherwin Williams, and Sur. You’ll find their stores and many of these brands in local hardware stores ((ferreterias)


Send me a photo or select a design from our Design Gallery. Any of the designs featured can be altered and have the colors changed. They are ideas you can play with.

Many clients use the Toll-Free number to discuss designs or email me.

Canvas kitchen rugs can cover an entire floor and withstand traffic in the busiest room of a

home. A kitchen mat in front of the sink is a wonderful place to give comfort and beauty.

Kitchen rug, Mexican rug
Mexican tile kitchen rug


Designing a space where durability and beauty come together and including hand-painted custom rugs for the kitchen is a very good idea.

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