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Law of Attraction Interior Decor


round canvas rug

Really? Law of Attraction?

What does Law of Attraction have to do with Interior Decor? Law of Attraction has to do with everything, but in interior decor it’s more important to think about what you want then what you don’t want, OR what you think you can’t have.

For example, you have an odd shaped kitchen with a stove jutting out and an island in the center. You’d like to have some sort of floor covering to install on the wood or ceramic floor but a regular rug

  • Won’t fit
  • Wouldn’t be able to keep clean

Or for example, you have several dogs, who are your dearest friends and closest family, and they run in and out of the house with all those paws, four paws per dog! How to keep a rug clean? Impossible, can’t happen, can’t have a rug. That’s focusing on what you (think) you can’t have instead of focusing on what you want.

What Do You Want?

So, let’s focus on some things you DO want in your interior décor.

“I want a beautiful l rug in my kitchen that fits perfectly along my cabinetry. I want a kitchen rug that is easy to clean and matches the colors in my kitchen decor.”Cnvs Rugs love Dogs

Or in the case of you dog lovers, “I want an area rug that is so easy to clean I won’t cringe every time my dogs tramp all over it. I want a beautiful area rug that reflects my personality and makes me smile every time I walk in the room.”

Raising Your Vibration

Don’t those statements feel better as you read them and hear them in your head? That’s called raising your vibration and Law of Attraction says you will attract a matching vibration. In fact you already have because you are reading this blog!

bathroom rug
Mosaic Canvas Rug

You may not know about canvas rugs but when you scroll down my blog page you will see many samples of beautiful pieces of art used on the floor. To learn exactly what canvas rugs are Click here for a short video  with a clear and concise explanation of how our rugs are made.

Make Your Life Easier

Know this, canvas rugs can be made into any shape or size. Canvas rugs are sealed with several coats of polyurethane varnish and are completely sealed to prevent stains and dirt.


You do not spend one more minute cleaning your rugs then you would your floor.            Sweep them, vacuum them, mop them, when you clean your floor you clean your canvas rug at the same time.

Life made easy 101.

What About Dogs?

“Dog urine?” you ask. Canvas rugs have no fiber to absorb and retain the smell, Just wipe clean with soap and water or even spray a little disinfectant to remove the smell.

You have already attracted answers into your life because you are reading this right now. What do you want, how can we help?  Curious?

“ Yes they’re pretty but what exactly are canvas rugs?”

Watch this video!

Have a wonderful day!

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2 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Interior Decor”

  1. Wow, these rugs sound perfect. I’ve never heard of canvas rugs before but this sounds like the ideal rug solution if you’ve got young kids. I was so mad today when the cable man walked around my living room, over my rugs in his big dirty boots. I have a strict no- shoe in the house policy BxC my one year old crawls everywhere but my husband forgot to ask him to take off his shoes. I spent two hours hand scrubbing and hosing down the rugs. If I had canvas rugs could I have popped them in the wash?

    • Hello Sojourner,
      No these rugs aren’t made to pop in the wash, but a simple swipe of the mop gets them clean. Use disinfectant or anything you use on the floor if you want. Because there are no fibers they are super easy to clean, sealed with several coats of polyurethane, they don’t stain or absorb dirt or mud.


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