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Porches for Easy Living

Porch Decor for Easy Living

Porches as a Life Style

When decorating your porch there are no formal rules, so decorate according to your personal life style.

Porches have always been a symbol of relaxation so decorate with comfort in mind. Often a swinging porch chair is a part of the decor or a hammock for an afternoon nap. Comfortable chairs, pillows and potted plants add to the indoor-outdoor ambiance.

Generations ago, the porch was the “living room” of the home. It was the social spot — a place to converse with neighbors, cool off in summer and watch kids as they played in the front yard. However with new buildings the porch gave way to larger front yards and activity moved indoors or to the back yard.

The Place To Be In Costa Rica

In Costa Rica porches have remained a central part of living. Whether it’s living on the beach watching the ocean, on a mountainside overlooking the lights of the Central Valley or gazing at the jungle, the porch is an integral part of most homes in Costa Rica.

We are often asked if our custom canvas rugs can be used outdoors. Although canvas area

Custom Rug
Canvas Rugs for Porches

rugs are sealed with polyurethane that water proofs the material, we do not recommend using them directly in the rain and sun.

However, they can be used on a covered porch. When breezes carry rain onto the covered porch the canvas rugs can be mopped to dry off. Our custom rugs are big favorites for summer living in the northern climates. They are taken up when winter comes as they do not do well covered with snow!

As with our area rugs created for interiors the designs for porches are as varied as our clients. Runner rugs are great for the long porch that goes the length of a house. They stand up to heavy traffic and are easily cleaned with a broom or mop.

rug for porch
Runners Work For Porches

For larger porches with furniture centered in a gathering area any shape of canvas rug can be made to fit the area, in an octagon, round, square or rectangle. Using colors from the accent pillows, furniture upholstery, and house color help to integrate a design into the decor of the porch.

Themes can be fun as well. Seasonal area rugs for porches can feature as designs fruits, garden vegetables, spring flowers or even pet portraits are fun options!

For an area rug used all year round for example, porches in Costa Rica, any design that integrates with the decor gives the space a warm and cozy touch.

We love creating area rugs for any environment, inside and out of doors. Contact us for feed back and ideas about creating an area rug or runner for your porch. Porches are the place to be to watch a startling sunset, a calm rain, or saying hello as monkeys or neighbors pass by depending on your location!

We look forward to hearing from you! Share YOUR ideas for canvas rugs for porches.

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