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Recreating Area Rugs in Canvas

Area rug
Area Rugs in Canvas  Perfect for Dining Area

A Testimonial for Custom Canvas Area Rugs

I’ve always been an area rug type of woman. I love to decorate and, when I lived in the United States, I always liked the look of hardwood floors with area rugs on them. Having always lived in a climate with four distinct seasons, I had never contemplated area rug alternatives. And then I moved to Costa Rica. We brought only two area rugs with us but they were gorgeous and brand new. They looked fabulous, we loved them, but traditional fiber rugs are impractical in the tropical climate, with three dogs going in and out of the house, and all of the mud that goes hand in hand with rainy season.

“And then I met Laurel and her canvas rugs.”

I knew they were the thing to have immediately. We initially purchased small ones for our two bathrooms and a larger one in an Ethnic Design for our home office. They are all gorgeous and easy to maintain.

Recreating Area Rugs in Canvas

area rug
Fiber Rug Design

At that time, we were still making every effort to save the two area rugs in our living and dining rooms. Then our older dog started going to the bathroom on both of the rugs. He quickly destroyed them as the odor is impossible to get rid of and once it’s there it seems to attract the dog again and again. It was time to admit that the rugs had to go. Laurel had previously told me that she’d love to try to duplicate the design and colors of the area rugs in canvas.

We gave her the opportunity.

area rug
Canvas Area Rug in Living Room

She worked so hard but the end product is gorgeous. We now have two more of her rugs and couldn’t be happier. These rugs are sturdy, they hold their color, they are incredibly easy to clean, and they are perfect for a tropical climate such as Costa Rica’s. I can’t say enough good things about Laurel and her work–the fact that we now have five of her rugs in our small home should speak for itself!!!

Debi Gedling

Sarchi,Costa Rica

Thank you Debi. I appreciate the opportunity to work in your lovely home.

If you have any challenges with your traditional fiber rugs, contact me to discuss an option in canvas!

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