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Round Rugs Create Space

Round area rug

Round Rugs A Special Space

Round rugs create a space that draws you in. It’s a circle, it’s enclosed, it draws the eye to the center and also the area around it. Round rugs can make a small room seem larger and large rooms feel cozier.

This round rug in Los Angeles placed under a large comfortable reading chair creates an all-encompassing space. It’s like a peaceful Island to retreat to.

Round rug



Round rugs make beautiful entrance rugs, into any room.

Round Rugs


Round furniture is not necessary, but if you have it they place perfectly on a round rug.

area rug

This round rug was created for a swimming school for children. The designer sent a photo for design inspiration. She also sent the color scheme of the company’s colors. We painted the round rug with playful starfish on a watery background.

Round area rug

It will be a fun place for the children to sit while waiting for class, next to the pool.

Canvas rugs can be made into any shape. Round rugs have become a popular shape for clients who can create their own special space with any design and color option.


Dinning room round rug
Round Rug For Dining Nook

They can be made to any shape to fit perfectly into the space required. When you place a piece of furniture on top, like a coffee table, the border can be the design focal point. Or you could make the center be the focal point with furniture placed around it.

The center can also be the focal point with furniture placed around it such as a mandala design.

We’re here to help you create the perfect rug for any space in your home.

You can use a round rug to create a special place within your special place. If you are thinking about a round rug in your home contact us for any feedback or brainstorming to help you on your way.


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  1. I really like the idea of a round rug. Your are beautiful! I would not have thought of placing one under the chair and automan as you did. It looks great!
    I continue to teach floor cloths here in Canada….I call it…” Art you can walk on”.
    Love your news!


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