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Round Rugs: Accent, Decor, Design

round rugs
Round Rugs Design & Decor

Accent and Décor with Round Rugs

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to visit a newly home built in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica. I marveled as my client drove her four-wheel drive vehicle through the jungle; upon reaching her home the 180˚ view of the ocean was spectacular! But, I digress. The purpose of this visit was to help my client with ideas for custom canvas rugs – I had hopes for suggesting round rugs, but would have to wait to see the interior of the home.

The client had ideas for areas where she wanted to place canvas rugs. Upon entering the home, immediately to the right, is a large, full-length mirror on the wall to the entrance of the master bedroom. Measuring the area I mentioned that round rugs are often used in small areas as an accent. She liked the idea of using such a shape. Because the floor is dark gray slate we opted for light beige as the base color of the rug.

As I looked about her living room I noted she favored olive shades of green in her décor. I commented that a canvas area rug lasts for many years and if we created a rug with specific shades of green to match her room, doing so left less options for changing the color scheme of her room in the future if the rug were to remain.

So now the decision was made for this round rug’s color and placement.

Creative Design and Painting Round Rugs

For this 5 foot diameter round rug, I suggested a design of plants starting two feet from the center of the rug growing out towards the outer perimeter, using different tones of beige and tan. Leaving the center plain of design would be reminiscent of a pool with plants growing around it and create a center of light. The client had a traditional rug in the living room with plants and I thought the round rug would tie in nicely. She liked the idea of plants but still wanted a touch of green so we selected a shade of olive green and agreed to use it sparingly.

Round rugs provide the opportunity to create designs unique to that shape such as a Mandala design, for example, or a pool of fish…a design that radiates from the center. Starting with a water wash on the canvas, I then applied real fern fronds, painted and pressed onto the surface, to create a subtle background. Next, I painted vines going out to the edge separating the rug into five sections. Repeating the process, I painted another plant, filling in each section, then another and another. Around and around the rug went as each plant was layered upon until my daughter walked into the studio and I pleaded, “Tell me when to stop!” and without hesitation she said, “Stop!”

round rug rock design
Creative Design Full Circle

For the Love of Custom Work

The rug was completed and it turned out spectacular. I love the opportunity to create new works of art unique to each client and their home. Click here to watch the YouTube video made during this painting process – over 30 hours were spent in creating this round rug and painting its design, but the video was edited in fast motion to show the painting done in a 5 minute time frame.

Round rugs are a wonderful décor accent and lend their shape perfectly for different areas of the home. This round rug, to be placed in front of the large mirror, will brighten up the area. It will be seen from the living room and add light to a dark floor. The design is timeless and the colors neutral enough to allow future remodels of color in the room.

If you’re Interested in a consultation for round rugs or any shape or size rug, contact me or review my FAQ page for more information. Please leave your comment below, or click on your favorite share button…I so appreciate your feedback!


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