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Runner Rugs

runner rugs canvas rug
Spanish Tile Runner

Runner Rugs in Narrow Spaces

Runner rugs are those long narrow rugs that are perfect for narrow spaces such as hallways and porches. On the side of your bed or in front of the kitchen sink are other great places for runner rugs.

The advantage to using canvas rugs as runner rugs is the ability to make them to any length eliminating the need to place more than one rug end to end for those extra long spaces. A runner rug carries the eye the length of a hall creating a coherent space.

Runner rugs are also an opportunity to create a splash without overwhelming a whole room. The kitchen is often decorated in a unique style in comparison to the rest of the house. It, along with the bathroom, is a smaller area where a theme can be played out. This can be anywhere from country to contemporary, and all design themes in-between.

runner rugs canvas rug
Fruits and Veggies for the Kitchen

There is a special corner of Laurel’s art studio where sheaves of papers with designs ideas are kept. One page was the cover of a magazine from an airline. The bright colors and fun painting of fruits and vegetables in a Guatemala food market make a beautiful design for a kitchen runner rug.

A runner rug that had been prepared for the Mexican Tile design had the base color and border ready to apply the tile design but the fruits and veggies were too much fun to resist. Living in Costa Rica, food markets are a large part of life. Every week, in each town the local farmers come together to offer their wares and it is a festive affair with the smell of fresh tortillas, flowers and music playing.

This Fruit and Veggies runner rug is a perfect example of a theme rug for a kitchen.

Many designs can be translated onto runner rugs. Border designs such as our Ethnic Design, carry the eye the length of the rug and any subtle technique such as sponging or washes are added to the center. Another design concept is to use a bold design to “pop” as we used for the Concentric Circle Design that was used as a runner rug for the bedroom.

runner rugs ethnic design
Ethnic Design Runner

As mentioned canvas runner rugs have no limit to their length. One client ordered the Jungle Rug design for a runner rug for an art gallery that ran 20 feet! See the design here on our YOUTube Channel!

Your imagination has no limits when it comes to designing a runner rug for any area of your home. They are easy to install and can be rolled up and switched out when the mood, season or color scheme changes.

We love to collaborate with our clients to create unique pieces of art for your floor. We say, the new art gallery is your floor. Laurel will develop an original creation exclusive to your home or look at our design page and choose a design to be painted in your specific color range.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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