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Let’s talk mold.

Let’s talk mold. It’s quite the topic here in Costa Rica. Rain or shine there is mold lurking somewhere. Fifteen years ago when I first started making canvas rugs I did not paint the back of the rug. It was raw cotton canvas. New addition to combat mold. After a few years, I decided to … Read more

Costa Rica Laurel’s Journey

Costa Rica and Canvas Rugs, Why canvas rugs? And why canvas rugs instead of canvas floor cloth? They are one and the same. But canvas floorcloths couldn’t translate in Spanish and I live in Costa Rica. First, let me tell you about Laurel at 18. As soon as I turned 18, I got my first … Read more

Redecorating, What’s So Scary About Color?

  Redecorating (or is it just decorating?) When you’re redecorating does a whole new color scheme scare the &^%$(*& out of you? What? Color? You mean beige isn’t a color? Yes, beige is a color and there are many shades of beige to prove it. But how about taking a risk and put some COLOR … Read more

Costa Rica Tropical Life

Costa Rica  Where does the interior design aspect come into living in the tropics? What does living in the tropics mean? Many people think of Costa Rica as tropical but there are many altitudes and weather systems with 12 climatic zones and hundreds of microclimates, not all of them tropical. When I arrived in Costa … Read more