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Custom Rug Design

What is a custom rug? How do you do it? What is the process? It’s a conversation. Questions like: 1) I like the Circle Rug Design 2) Do you make custom sizes and colors? 3) How much would a 7’ x 9’ be in this design? Ok, that’s a good conversation starter. Next up: colors … Read more

Q & A for a Canvas Floor Cloth

A Letter Asking About a Canvas Floor Cloth Hello, I am interested in a canvas floor cloth for our kitchen and I have a few questions. Background: We have a hardwood floor, with a pedestal table and rolling kitchen chairs. The house is a little crooked so the chairs roll away from the table if … Read more

Kitchen Mats: Design Your Own

Kitchen Mats Design and Personality Kitchen mats perfectly sized to the space required and color matched to the room’s décor are not the only advantage of hand painted canvas rugs. When looking for the element that expresses personality and interest it can take a few tries before the right design emerges. I was recently contacted … Read more

Rug Design: Palm Fronds

Palm Fronds a Swayin’ …on a Canvas Rug Palm fronds swaying in the ocean breeze is an image that invokes the true feeling of the tropics. No wonder it is such a popular design with interior designers in Costa Rica. Casa del Pacifico, a design company in Costa Rica approached me with an interior design … Read more