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Custom Rug Design

What is a custom rug? How do you do it? What is the process? It’s a conversation. Questions like: 1) I like the Circle Rug Design 2) Do you make custom sizes and colors? 3) How much would a 7’ x 9’ be in this design? Ok, that’s a good conversation starter. Next up: colors … Read more

Recreating Area Rugs in Canvas

A Testimonial for Custom Canvas Area Rugs I’ve always been an area rug type of woman. I love to decorate and, when I lived in the United States, I always liked the look of hardwood floors with area rugs on them. Having always lived in a climate with four distinct seasons, I had never contemplated … Read more

Dining Room Rugs: A Study in Evolving Décor

A New Look at Dining Room Rugs With renovating or new construction, many home owners and designers have stepped away from the traditional dining room, creating a more casual and open floor plan that combines the kitchen and the dining area. To help define the dining area of this larger area, traditional (fiber/woven) dining room … Read more