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Redecorating, What’s So Scary About Color?

  Redecorating (or is it just decorating?) When you’re redecorating does a whole new color scheme scare the &^%$(*& out of you? What? Color? You mean beige isn’t a color? Yes, beige is a color and there are many shades of beige to prove it. But how about taking a risk and put some COLOR … Read more

Frida Kahlo Kitchen Mat

  Frida Kahlo is best known for her self-portraits and bold exotic colors. I love to exp[lore other artist’s work for inspiration. for canvas rugs. Using art from a painting for a canvas rug design opens up infinite possibilities. Evelyn Gallardo, owner of Discovery Beach House in Manuel Antonio had just remodeled her kitchen after the … Read more

Communication is Key

Communication gaps happen…. even though I’ve lived in Costa Rica for 43 years. When there’s a misunderstanding there’s the assumption by the Costa Rican that it’s because of the language. We all have misunderstandings and it doesn’t always have to do with language. Living in the same country, speaking the same language, even being born … Read more