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Custom Pricing for Area Rugs

  Custom Pricing “How much are they?” is the question everyone asks. Custom design means custom pricing for our hand painted area rugs. And that’s a good thing! Each canvas rug is designed for its own space and the designs are as varied as the clients who purchase them. If you look at the Design Gallery page … Read more

Hotel Decor Exclusive Design

Hotel Decor Challenges Hotel décor has to deal with one specific challenge, Traffic! Foot traffic, children traffic, suitcases rolling down hallways and reception, and all of these put a lot of wear and tear on the floors. In Costa Rica, many hotels feature beautiful wood floors due to the abundance of exotic hardwoods available. Cement … Read more

Kitchen Rugs Work Hard

Kitchen Rugs in all shapes and sizes Kitchen rugs just don’t seem like a good idea when thinking of traditional fiber rugs. Hand painted canvas rugs take a bit of explaining. A canvas rug is also called a canvas floor cloth, the original name given by the colonists who brought this art form to America … Read more

Round Rugs Create Space

Round Rugs A Special Space Round rugs create a space that draws you in. It’s a circle, it’s enclosed, it draws the eye to the center and also the area around it. Round rugs can make a small room seem larger and large rooms feel cozier. This round rug in Los Angeles placed under a large comfortable reading … Read more

Essential Natural Fiber Rugs

  Natural fiber rugs are a very organic, rich selection of interior décor. By creating a design when the color options are fulfilled through furniture coverings, throw pillows, wall color, a natural fiber rug is a simple option for the floor covering. Tropical décor in particular often includes the outdoors, with large windows for vistas of … Read more

Q & A for a Canvas Floor Cloth

A Letter Asking About a Canvas Floor Cloth Hello, I am interested in a canvas floor cloth for our kitchen and I have a few questions. Background: We have a hardwood floor, with a pedestal table and rolling kitchen chairs. The house is a little crooked so the chairs roll away from the table if … Read more

Interior Design with Canvas Area Rugs

The Creative Process When creating interior design, whether you are starting from scratch, remodeling or want a unique item to renew your room, a canvas rug made specifically for your home is a reflection of your personality. You will never walk into someone’s  home and see the same rug on their floor! It’s almost as … Read more