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Take The Plunge! Customize Area Rugs

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Customize Color Makes It Your Own

Isn’t Imagination a Wonderful Thing

When creating hand painted custom area rugs we design a space where durability and beauty come together. Over the years many of our custom designs became In House designs as each project creates new and exciting art for floors.

An In-House design can become customized for your home by changing the following details:

Change the Color or Colors

Remember we are using exterior house paint. You can go to any paint store or Sherwin Williams if you live in the US and select the exact colors that work in the room. Or, you may choose just one element of the design to pick up a particular aspect in your décor.

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Color Details

This is what Lily did in her beautiful home overlooking Lake Arenal, Costa Rica. She asked for a color change in the leaves of our Yellow Bamboo Design.

We matched the leaves to a sofa for her living room. In the end, she did not use that particular sofa; however with the accents of green and orange the Yellow Bamboo rug with bright yellow-green leaves were a perfect fit.


Combining Designs

Sheila Wach, owner, and designer for Casa del Pacifico used two designs to create an area rug in what we now call the Yellow Bamboo Design (and it doesn’t have to be yellow!) We combined the Bamboo Design and the Basket Weave Design to make a custom rug for one of her projects.

Adjust Border Size

Borders are an important attribute to area rugs. Depending on the placement of the rug in the home and the design, the border width controls the overall visual impact.

For example, a border works best for the dining area where the table covers the center of

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Borders for Dining Area

the design. In the Yellow Bamboo Design, the center was placed because the Bamboo needed a space to “grow” into. It also provides visual impact when using a small amount of bright color for a bold effect.

Soft blended borders, wide borders, stamped borders, provide many different aspects to an area rug. Adding or changing borders customizes the design to make your room come together in harmony.

Change the Size and Shape

Plant Life Design Custom Area Rugs ~ Laurel’s Originals

Again, Sheila Wach, one of our favorite creative interior designers took the Plant Life Design and with a vision of softness for a particular client recreated the art to fit into her idea of the

interior decor scheme placing the plants in the corners of the rug. Originally the Plant Life Design was painted on a 6’ round area rug. It has since been used for runners, square rugs and round rugs in many different tones and colors.

A new project will be using the Aboriginal Design for a runner for an artistic entrance way. We look forward to seeing how it will turn out

By fostering a collaborative spirit to create designs for every room, we love to see the morphing of our In House designs into a custom piece of art that showcases the unique style of each client.

Call Laurel, let’s play!


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  1. Hi Laurel,

    Just wanted to say hello and thanks again for my beautiful canvas rug. I get loads of compliments on it. It still looks as fresh and lovely as the day you installed it over two years ago!



    • Thank YOU! I really appreciate knowing how the canvas rugs are doing in their new home. I am so happy you are still in love with it.Warmest regards, Laurel


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