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Jungle Design Rug

Jungle Design Canvas Rug

Testimonials for Laurel’s Originals’ Canvas Rugs

 I am delighted to provide my testimonial: My dogs have always slept at the foot of the bed. It was a bother in that I had to clean the [traditional] runner rug several times a week. First shaking then washing. With Laurel’s rug we have added beauty and ease to the room. My dogs couldn’t be happier. I sweep and mop the rug once a week and I couldn’t be happier. Whenever less house work is an option I’ll take it! Christine Johnson, Costa Rica

Mexican Tile Rug

Canvas Rug: Mexican Tile Design

I have countless Laurel’s Originals canvas rugs in my home and in my hotel and can’t wait to work with Laurel on new ideas to continue my collection. In our hotel, the [canvas] rugs see constant traffic and always look great; in my home, with multiple dogs and lots of company abusing those beautiful rugs, they continue to bring warmth and color to our lives. Teri Jampol, Rosa Blanca Hotel, Santa Barbara de Heredia, Costa Rica

Custom Red Rug

Custom Red Rug

Laurel’s Original floor designs are great. The art is a second skin to the floor. They add the color and design a rug would without the cleaning hassle a pile rug has. They feel natural under bare feet and are perfect for custom design needs. Never worry about spilling a glass of wed wine again on the rug… just wipe it up and keep the party going! Mimi Bean, Interior Designer, Tamarindo, Costa Rica & Atlanta, Georgia

custom rug design

Canvas Rug: Sea Life

I have 3 of Laurel’s wonderful canvas rugs which brighten up every room. They are art pieces that you can walk on and easily take care of. I wish I had room for more. Elizabeth Wright, Costa Rica

Custom Canvas Rug Testimonial

Canvas Rug: Turtle Shell Design

The colorful, canvas rug Laurel designed for me has given great pleasure to all who view it. Laurel had carefully coordinated the colors with the rest of the décor so that it provides a lively, unique accent… and yet is an integral part of the whole room. Without a doubt, I plan to commission another, larger piece as I now know that I will have another beautiful addition to my home as well as something that will last indefinitely. Frances Chavarria, Heredia, Costa Rica

Canvas Rug Testimonial

Canvas Rug: Leaf Design

My two beautiful runners were chosen with the ferns because these are the truest Laurel’s Original design, going back to the old days when Laurel started painting in Cahuita. It was important to me to have the ferns for this reason. They are brought together with a stripe rug on the landing of the staircase. Laurel has a real natural talent for color and design combinations. If you appreciate unique original pieces of art that are functional, get in touch with her, share your preferences and she will take it from there. Gayle Glenn, Costa Rica

Custom Rug

Canvas Rug: Fantasy Aqua

We get a lot of red mud traffic, which is a bit tough to scrub off, but my rugs have been outside under dog, mud, lots of feet and pool water for about 2 months now, and is doing well. The other rug suffers mud and more feet at front door, and is doing well. I did not place padding under either due to how much we move things around… but they are both doing well and have already survived longer than any other rug I have bought! Sunshine Quall, Interior Designer, Costa Rica

A great big thank you to our customers and clients for taking the time to send us their testimonials.

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