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Wall Murals as Permanent Interior Decor

Wall Murals
Wall Murals: Unique Element in Interior Décor

Permanent Artistic Flair with Wall Murals

Wall murals are a permanent fixture and much like a canvas area rug, has to reflect the homeowners personality, interest, color preferences and requires much thought for the design.

A unique tropical home on a hilltop overlooking the ocean with one wall standing two stories high was begging for color and design. This wall is visible from both the downstairs living room and the walkway of the second story.

Gayle, the owner, came up with the idea of painting the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism. Her brother had lived in Tibet and spent 28 years making appliqued tents used for the nomadic lifestyle of the Tibetans. She was very familiar with these symbols and decided they would be a powerful and meaningful wall mural for her eclectic home.

After much review of varying styles of the symbols for the wall mural we selected one for each and printed them out then took them to a copier to be blown up for the size we needed.

Following several hours trip involving a ferry ride, forging rivers and 4-wheel drive roads we reached our destination where a 15 foot scaffold had been erected. We placed the printouts on the floor to see how the symbols could be placed in relation to each other. There is no specific order traditionally used for their display so we could place them according to their height and width to make a balanced overall design.

Traditional Colors and Color for Interior Décor

wall murals
Laurel Painting Wall Mural

Tibetans use primary colors for their prayer flags shown in some of the symbols such as the Parasol and the Banner. These traditional colors were used in small detail but then we had free rein using oranges, yellows, deep rust and some rich greens to blend into the incredible greenery  flowing in from the outside.

The spacing on wall murals have to be considered carefully.Each symbol was traced on the wall for perfect placement before painting. Because of the stucco finish each area had to be sanded before drawing.

Many trips up and down the ladder were needed for a better perspective because the design for wall murals are difficult to see close up. The view from the ground provides perspective. Forty-eight hours of drying time after wall murals are completed are recommended before applying a clear silicon sealant for easy clean up at a later date.

A New Experience Painting a Wall Mural

Wall Murals
Wall Murals in Interior Décor

Painting the wall mural was an incredible experience for this artist, learning about the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism, bringing color and life to a lost looking part of a wall in a beautiful unique home. This was an entirely new perspective for this painter of canvas area rugs and floor art, to reach high and create a custom wall mural to be enjoyed for may years to come.

I’d love to hear your comments and stories about wall murals, so please feel to comment or email me. I always appreciate your sharing!


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