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Washable kitchen rugs varnished canvas

washable kitchen rugs
The Aboriginal Design

Washable kitchen rugs

can be indoor-outdoor fiber or small cotton rugs for the washing machine. But there is absolutely nothing easier than damp mopping a canvas rug right along with the floor.

Varnished canvas is a new concept for washable kitchen rugs but a very old art form. It just makes sense. Several coats of polyurethane seal a beautiful hand-painted design and make it impermeable to water. Food glides right off. Cabinet doors glide right over.

Canvas kitchen rugs are hand sewn to fit into any area. 

 Instead of two runner kitchen rugs why not make an “L” shaped rug? Or a “U” shaped rug that wraps around an island?

  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. and I’m a messy cook, not to mention the dogs in and out looking for tasty scraps. Even when I entertain, where do all the guests end up? The kitchen where the action is happening. Make an impact with a hand-painted canvas rug in your kitchen AND make life easy with a sealed rug that you can swipe off food and spills.

Need a Custom Shaped Kitchen Rug?

Is there an angle in the kitchen design? No problem, we just cut and sew to make any kitchen area rug fit right in.

washable kitchen rugs
Custom shape for kitchen rugs

Pick your colors from the paint store! I have clients who say they like blue. Do you know how many shades of blue there are? Paint swatches are fun and you get the exact shades you want.

I love making washable kitchen rugs because the kitchen is the heart of the home. The person creating delicious meals deserves a delicious eye treat while cooking. Afterward, when the dishes are washed and the leftovers put away a simple damp mop over the kitchen rug makes it all a lot easier.

You deserve that.

If you have never seen a canvas rug write to me and I’ll send you a small sample, so you can touch it and feel what I mean. I’d love to make your life beautiful and easy.

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