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Placemats, Table Covers and More

Placemats at Finca Rosa Blanca

Placemats, Table Covers and More: Stunning & Sustainable

Interior designers can save their commercial clients hours of overhead costs with the use of innovative products. One such product is employing hand-painted canvas placemats, table covers and coasters for restaurants and hotels.

We have all heard the saying, “Time is money.”  Imagine a company employing 200 machine workers who arrive each morning to turn on their machines, waiting five minutes for the machines to warm up. That equates to 1,000 minutes, or 16.5 hours every day, spent before workers can start production! (True case, a worker suggested that one person come in early and turn all the machines on so they’d be ready when the other 199 came to work).

Now imagine a restaurant with 60 tables, and the time it takes to lay a table cloth, take it off, take it to be laundered – wash, dry, iron, fold and lay out again. And that’s several tablecloths per table per day!

It takes time, water, laundry soap and electricity, adding up to a significant cost over a period of weeks, months and years. Isn’t there a far more economical and eco-friendly solution? Indeed: canvas placemats.

Custom Table Décor: Home, Hotel & Restaurant

Laurel’s Originals offers canvas table mats available for both home and commercial use. Our placemats, table mats, table runners and coasters can be made to order using colors and designs that work with a room’s ambiance, furniture upholstery, tables and décor. The option exists to have a different design on either side of a placemat. Voilá! The value has doubled; these would work with a cheery morning or daytime motif and that of an elegant or evening design. table runners

5 Leaf Hotel: Finca Rosa Blanca

Such was the desire of our client, Finca Rosa Blanca Inn, a Five Leaf Sustainability Certified hotel in Costa Rica. Their concern for the use of water and other resources to maintain the quality of the ambience in their restaurant, El Tigre Vestido, led them to purchase our placemats and matching coasters.

Using our technique of leaf pressing with selected design choices, we created a variety of colors in subtle tones around the edges of the placemats where the design can be most appreciated. To add a little pizazz, we used a rectangular shape but rounded the edges. Custom work allows us to create a shape and size for any table.

From the lovely outdoor seating area at El Tigre Vestido restaurant, overlooking the lush coffee plantation and tropical gardens, the rich varnish of the wood tables seemingly frames the placemats and coasters with their natural tones of olive green and beige; a lovely montage of colors and nature come together for a dining and visual experience. For this sustainable hotel and restaurant, the time, water, and energy saved is not only an economical advantage but consideration for the environment as well.

Shopping for Table Runners, Coasters, Placemats?

placemats_1Our hand painted table décor items are available in a wide range of colors and designs or customized. If you are interested in placemats, table runners, coasters from Laurel’s Originals, please leave a comment below and let us know.

Or Contact me and we can discuss your needs.


2 thoughts on “Placemats, Table Covers and More”

  1. Fell in love with these fern and leave patterned place mats. Ordered a set of 6 along with a table runner but requested a light shimmer of gold glitter to be added….stunning! And no, the gold glitter doesn’t rub or flake off…Laurel tested before she perfected the process.

    I’m over the moon in love with these canvas place-mats – have always used cloth ones but that gets costly when they get stained. Hubby poured some red wine, dribbling onto the table runner – a damp cloth soaked it up, leaving no stain.

    • Thank you Rebecca! What I love , and I keep saying it, is the collaboration with my clients who give me such great ideas, like adding glitter! The effect came out very subtly, lovely the way it catches the light.


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